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Crop to cup coffee blog

Coffee culture, coffee tips and coffee recipes for true coffee lovers.

Coffee culture Coffee recipes Coffee tips
Espresso Bar

Perfect Extraction- The Espresso

Espresso… We have a lot to thank our Italian friends for! As well as a short shot of heaven, it’s also the building block to your favourite milk drinks. Getting the perfect extraction and taste can be tricky work. Grind your beans too finely and your coffee will be over-extracted, taking too long to come  … Read more

Moka Pot pour

Brewing Coffee Your Way- The Moka Pot!

Originating in Italy, this uniquely designed piece of equipment lets you make a smooth, strong and delicious tasting espresso style drink. It’s quite a dated method of making coffee, but it’s definitely making a comeback in the coffee industry and in people’s homes. It’s simple and quick to prepare.. What you’ll need: Your favourite Jones  … Read more

Coffee Drinking from Chemex

The Best Pair This Valentine’s- Coffee and Chocolate

Who doesn’t love the combination of coffee and chocolate? We grabbed our favourite bars of dark, milk and white chocolate, set up our full range of caps, and then got busy with our very own taste-test. If you know a coffee lover and want to combine your coffee gift with a sweet treat, we’ve come  … Read more

Baci Di Dama

Coffee Infused ‘Baci Di Dama’

Thank you so much to one of our favourite cooking blogs “Le Pétrin”  for this recipe! It’s one for the Italians today- a ‘Baci Di Dama’ infused with coffee, supposed to be the most romantic biscuits of all time. Read her article here! Ingredients (for about thirty biscuits): 1 cup freshley brewed Italian Lover coffee 150g powdered  … Read more

Blackout Banana Bread

Blackout Banana Bread

Thank you very much to the culinary blog “Le Pétrin” for this really creative recipe! Sandra created a ‘ Blackout Banana Bread ‘with coffee two ways, and 3 kinds of chocolate! To us, nothing is more magical than that 😉. Read her original recipe here ! Ingredients: 30g espresso coffee (1 capsule Jones Brothers Coffee  … Read more

Coffee Choux Buns

Thank you so much to the culinary blogger “Quand La Folie s’Invite à Table”  for this coffee choux bun recipe. Read the blog post here ! Ingredients for around 30 pieces : For the choux dough : 25cl water 100g butter 20g powdered sugar 150g flour 4 eggs For the coffee cream : 1 cup  … Read more

Chocolate Coffee Rolls, Cream Coffee Icing

Today, we have a wonderful recipe for you from the cooking blogger “Le Pétrin” ! Thank you Sandra! Since she has already created numerous recipes to go with our coffee, she had to brainstorm a little before coming up with an excellent idea – Chocolate Coffee Rolls with Cream Coffee Icing! Read her article here! Ingredients for  … Read more

Eclairs au Cafe

Lactose-Free Eclairs with Coffee

A big thank you to the French cooking blogger “Un Zeste d’Estelle”  for this recipe! After Estelle couldn’t find a good enough recipe for her to try out with our wonderful ‘Italian Lover‘ coffee beans, she decided to be amazingly creative and create her own lactose-free Eclairs! Read her blog here ! Level: complex Preparation: Custard :  … Read more

bavarois au cafe

Coffee Bavarois

Thank you so much to the culinary blog “Saveurs et Gourmandises”  for this delicious coffee Bavarois recipe! Read the article here! Ingredients: 100ml strong ‘The Awakening’ coffee 250ml milk 3 egg yolks 100g powdered sugar 3 gelatin sheets 100ml very cold liquid whole cream 1 teaspoon of icing sugar 1 tablespoon of lemon juice Method: 1. Soak the gelatin sheets  … Read more

Gateu Camille - oefs au lait café

Coffee Custard Cream

Many thanks to Camille from the culinary blog “GateauCamille” for this delicious recipe. She used our Big Shot beans and invites you to discover it too! Read her article here! Ingredients: 1 cup of espresso from our Big Shot beans 500ml milk 120g sugar 4 eggs 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Method: 1. In a pan, boil the milk with  … Read more

Carnet de Saveurs

Chocolate Fondant, Speculaas, Chantilly and Coffee

This pretty and easy-to-prepare recipe is perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers! Thank you so much to Anne from the cooking blog “Carnet De Saveurs”, for this delicious chocolate fondant, speculaas, chantilly and coffee recipe, perfect for an autumn dessert! Speculaas is a traditional spiced shortcrust biscuit, native here in the Netherlands, as well as Belgium,  … Read more


Cappuccino Panna Cotta with Pumpkin Spice Caramel Recipe

We love these autumn vibes. Trees are changing color and Amsterdam turns into a painting with these yellow and orange tones. Our suggestion is to sit comfortably at the window, grab your cup of steaming Jones Brothers coffee and enjoy this fantastic autumn recipe made by CookingDom! Read her blog here! Panna Cotta is often  … Read more

New Awakening

Why changing our Awakening Blend recipe is important for us and our customers…

Playing with a winning formula of course can be a dangerous mission. Why change something that works well? Why potentially upset some loyal customers? Our The Awakening blend has been with us since I started Jones Brothers Coffee in 2013. I designed it to be a smooth and easy drinking blend for all types of  … Read more

Enigma coffee and chocolate cake

3 Ways of Using “Enigma” Coffee Capsules in a Cake with Chocolate Chunks

In the field of coffee, there are those that love the drink but hate everything to do with coffee pastries; and then there are others that love coffee regardless of if it’s a drink or something to eat. We’re obviously part of the second category, and simply cannot resist anything to do with coffee! For  … Read more


Make your autumn nights cosier with easy and quick DIY coffee crafts

Autumn is here! Yes, one look at the trees in Amsterdam and we’re certain the summer is over. But it’s not really all bad news! When it gets cold outside, it’s time to start the cosy season: put on a warm sweater and sip on and relish every cup of coffee. About some time ago  … Read more


Coffee, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fondant (vegan & gluten-free)

Thank you very much to Rabia from the culinary blog “La ligne gourmande” for the delicious Fondant with coffee, chocolate and peanut butter (vegan & gluten-free) recipe, using our Nespresso™ compatible Noir capsules! Read her blog HERE ! Preparation Time: 25 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes (200°C) Ingredients for 8 people: For the cake 225g  … Read more

Hazelnut Chocolate Tartelettes With Honduras Coffee

Thanks a lot to Emmanuelle from the cooking Blog “Mià” for these hazelnut chocolate tartlettes made with our Nepresso compatible biological Honduras Coffee! Read her article here! Ingredients for 12 tartelettes: For the dough: 250g of flour 130g of caster sugar 1 egg 125g of butter For the Ganache: 250 ml heavy cream 200g dark chocolate  … Read more

Chocolate Marble Cake with “Italian Lover” coffee

Thank you so much to Catherine from the cooking blog “MIAM – La Cuisine De Cath” for this marble cake made using our Italian Lover beans. It’s full-bodied- what it takes to be marbled into the cake; it’s slightly fruity and chocolatey… what more can we ask for? It is as good in a cake  … Read more

Coffee Ice Cream With Chocolate And Salted Butter Caramel

Thanks a lot to Dorian from the cooking blog Dorian for this delicious coffee, chocolate and caramel ice cream recipe! Made with our Nespresso™ Noir, a ristretto of strength 10, you are in for a treat! Follow the instructions to make it yourself! Find the full-length article here! “Moi je suis café café… ma glace  … Read more

Smoothie Toni

Tonic Smoothie with coffee and banana

Thanks to Sandra from blog de cuisine “Le Petrin” for this delicious smoothie recipe made using our compatibles Nespresso™ coffee capsules Gigolo a ristretto of strengh 12! We liked it so much that we wanted to share this recipe with you! Read the original article here: Smoothie réveil matin tonique au café. Tonic Smoothie (1 to  … Read more