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Coffee culture, coffee tips and coffee recipes for true coffee lovers.

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Pink Elephant coffee bean bag

PINK ELEPHANT – Doi Saket Thailand Specialty Coffee Beans

Let’s talk about Specialty coffee from Thailand. Many people are surprised that any coffee is coming out of Thailand, let alone coffee of this quality. We are proud to be working with Beanspire Coffee, a group of coffee enthusiasts and exporters in Thailand and This Side Up Coffees from The Netherlands, to bring you this  … Read more

Ethiopian coffee farmer

HORNY GOAT – Discover our Ethiopia Guji specialty coffee beans

So, let’s just put this out there – we love specialty coffee from Ethiopia! We can’t hide it. It’s hard not to. Ethiopia has a more diverse range of coffee flavour possibilities and individual regions than any of the other coffee growing nations. The arabica coffee tree is native to Ethiopia and because of the  … Read more

BOLO DE BOLACHA – coffee-infused sweet goodness

Coffee cake lovers- here’s one for you. We all know Tiramisu, but have you heard of the heavenly “Bolo de Bolacha”? Literally translated as “biscuit cake”, this traditional Portuguese dessert combines the intense flavours of coffee with the light, creaminess of the custard-like filling. This lovely dish is quick and easy to make, and is  … Read more

Summer treat: Coffee Ice Cream

Hello Coffee Lovers! We at Jones Brothers can’t stop having coffee…. even on hot summer days!  Our trick to keep caffeinated and cool down is… coffee ice cream. Here’s an easy recipe for you to prepare it at home.  Let’s start ?   What you need: 1 1/2 cups whole milk 3/4 cup sugar 1  … Read more

Cold Brew Coffee | Jones Brothers Coffee

The New Kid – Cold Brew Filter Coffee

This is a newer, slightly more fashionable way to make cold coffees and we had to try a few times to get it right. There are lots of alternative ways to do this but we wanted to work out a straightforward method which tasted good. What is a Cold Brew? Cold brew coffee is smooth,  … Read more

Pink Elephant and Horny Goat

Natural Process Coffee – Ever had a Horny Goat or Pink Elephant?

Our selection of natural process coffees are truly something special. They are our top grade coffees with tons of personality both in the drink and in the design of their packaging. Wondering what`s the difference between a Natural or Washed coffee? Read our article here! To truly appreciate coffee, it’s interesting to know where the coffee  … Read more

natural coffee beans

What’s the difference between washed coffees and natural coffees?

What’s the difference between washed coffees and natural coffees… This is a question I often get and it is quite an important one to know for a few reasons, but mainly because of the impact it has on the end product in your coffee cup. Let’s start at the beginning… It has everything to do  … Read more

iced coffee recipe

How to make homemade caramel iced coffee recipe!

The Old Favourite – simple Espresso based iced coffee in 4 easy steps! What is better than being able to throw together a quick, simple and delicious cold coffee with ingredients and equipment you have at home? With summer at the door, let our homemade caramel iced coffee be your new morning breeze. We’ve tried  … Read more

homemade coffee granola recipe

Homemade Crunchy Multigrain Coffee Granola

Thanks a lot, to Sandra, from the culinary blog “Le Pétrin” for this delicious homemade crunchy coffee granola recipe made with our Big Shot coffee beans! Rich in nuts (that’s healthy!) crispy with large clusters and a coffee scent that give you the right boost to start a beautiful day! Read her blog HERE! The  … Read more

Rwanda gorilla

There is so much more than Gorillas in Rwanda

“The Switzerland of Africa” To many Europeans (and I include myself in those), apart from the terrifying memory of the Genocide against the Tutsi which resulted in the death of more than 1 million people, we know very little to nothing about Rwanda. 25 years later, as the country will commemorate those dramatic events, Rwanda,  … Read more

Rwanda women in coffee

Growing coffee to grow a better future!

“Coffee has the power to connect people all over the world. It has also the power to connect women to their family. When we empower women, we empower the whole family. When women have dignity, they are more confident and have trust in the future.” -Prosper Mulindwa These are the words from the Vice Mayor,  … Read more

The bean belt: cradle of all coffee

This time we’re talking beans & belts. After all, you, me and all those around us, start our day with a great cup of coffee but very few of us are really aware of the origin of the coffee we’re sipping. So, time for a little geography lesson! The Bean Belt is basically the horizontal strip  … Read more

Ethiopian Landscape


Part 2 – The Coffee Growing Regions of Ethiopia We are committed coffee enthusiasts at Jones Brothers and one of our most favourite regions is Ethiopia. But there is so much more to Ethiopia than meets the eye. This country of 110 million people is diverse in its ethnic groups, its cultural influences and its  … Read more

Richard and Ethiopian Farmer


Part 1 – Why we love coffees from Ethiopia! I have been fascinated by Ethiopian coffees since I experienced my first coffee taste explosion way back in 2005. I had just started my first coffee company and from the beginning I wanted us to find and source the best coffees possible. Ethiopia was the obvious  … Read more

Espresso Bar

Perfect Extraction – How To Make Espresso

Espresso… We have a lot to thank our Italian friends for! As well as a short shot of heaven, it’s also the building block to your favourite milk drinks. Getting the perfect extraction and taste can be tricky work. Grind your beans too finely and your coffee will be over-extracted, taking too long to come  … Read more

Moka Pot pour

Brewing Coffee Your Way – The Moka Pot!

Originating in Italy, this uniquely designed piece of equipment lets you make a smooth, strong and delicious tasting espresso style drink. It’s quite a dated method of making coffee, but it’s definitely making a comeback in the coffee industry and in people’s homes. It’s simple and quick to prepare.. What you’ll need: Your favourite Jones  … Read more

Coffee Drinking from Chemex

The Best Pair This Valentine’s- Coffee and Chocolate

Who doesn’t love the combination of coffee and chocolate? We grabbed our favourite bars of dark, milk and white chocolate, set up our full range of caps, and then got busy with our very own taste-test. If you know a coffee lover and want to combine your coffee gift with a sweet treat, we’ve come  … Read more

Baci Di Dama

Coffee Infused ‘Baci Di Dama’

Thank you so much to one of our favourite cooking blogs “Le Pétrin”  for this recipe! It’s one for the Italians today- a ‘Baci Di Dama’ infused with coffee, supposed to be the most romantic biscuits of all time. Read her article here! Ingredients (for about thirty biscuits): 1 cup freshley brewed Italian Lover coffee 150g powdered  … Read more

Blackout Banana Bread

Blackout Banana Bread

Thank you very much to the culinary blog “Le Pétrin” for this really creative recipe! Sandra created a ‘ Blackout Banana Bread ‘with coffee two ways, and 3 kinds of chocolate! To us, nothing is more magical than that 😉. Read her original recipe here ! Ingredients: 30g espresso coffee (1 capsule Jones Brothers Coffee  … Read more

Coffee Choux Buns

Thank you so much to the culinary blogger “Quand La Folie s’Invite à Table”  for this coffee choux bun recipe. Read the blog post here ! Ingredients for around 30 pieces : For the choux dough : 25cl water 100g butter 20g powdered sugar 150g flour 4 eggs For the coffee cream : 1 cup  … Read more