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Crop to cup coffee blog

Coffee culture, coffee tips and coffee recipes for true coffee lovers.

Coffee culture Coffee recipes Coffee tips

Brewing coffee your way – The Chemex!

Chemex – the beauty among coffee brewers.  You’ve seen it in stores but wondered how you can make filter coffee in it? Matt, our friend and expert barista is telling all you need to be able to make great coffee in this stylish coffee brewer. Brewing your own coffee is a wonderful way to get  … Read more

Brewing coffee your way – The Aeropress!

Thinking of buying an Aeropress but you’re not sure how it really works? Matt, our friend and an expert barista is sharing his tips on how to brew great coffee in this little powerful maker. Brew your perfect cup of coffee. Brewing your own coffee is a wonderful way to get a real understanding of  … Read more

Coffee Lovers Pavlova Cake

The famous Australian cake, inspired by the Russian ballerina Anna Matveyevna Pavlova is a delicious meringue covered with whipped cream and usually garnished with fresh fruit. But what if we made it even better? Yes, you guessed it – here comes a Coffee Lovers Pavlova, made with a coffee meringue and a filling of chocolate  … Read more

Colombia coffee beans | Jones Brothers Coffee

Roasting coffee beans – it’s a kind of magic!

We’ve invited Matt, our friend and an expert barista, to pour his coffee knowledge into our blog. Coffee making has no secrets to him and he’s not afraid to share them! Coffee roasting is the process by which a coffee buyer will, with the help of science and a bit of black magic, turn raw  … Read more

Irish Coffee & other Coffee Cocktails

This week we’re sharing our favourite coffee-based cocktails. There’s no time like the present to organise a little soiree and get mixing some magic concoctions! Espresso Martini Shaken, not stirred! Read the full article to make the perfect Espresso Martini, here!  45ml Kahlua or Tia Maria 30ml Vodka 30ml Jones Brothers espresso with Big Shot  … Read more

Delicious oreo truffles recipe – a perfect snack with your coffee

The nice thing about this recipe is that it’s not only very delicious, but also very easy to make. You only need 3 or 4 ingredients and it will impress your friends (or colleagues) for sure! Ingredients: 2 packs of Oreo Cookies (28 pieces) 1 pack of Monchou (100 grammes) 350 grammes of milk chocolate  … Read more

Chocolate cake recipe for little and big celebrations

A wise man once said no celebrations are complete without a cake. Our newlywed colleague Ela, prepared us the chocolate slice cake, which we enjoyed after lunch with a nice cup of coffee. Everyone at the Jones Brothers Coffee has their own favourite coffee (mine is Noir and Ela loves Sumatra) but what great is  … Read more

Coffee Ritual in Ethiopia

Did you know that coffee in Ethopia isn’t just a drink? It’s actually an essential component of Ethiopian culture and society. It’s a community thing and a conversation starter. Being invited for coffee in Ethiopian culture is considered a symbol of friendship, respect and great hospitality. Preparing and drinking it- a whole ceremony. Today we’re  … Read more

Turkish way of drinking coffee

If you’d like to experience something from five hundred years ago then it is the time you get to know Turkish coffee a little better. Turkish way of making coffee is known for its intensity and filter-less method. Traditionally Turks brewed coffee on hot sand but in today’s modern world it is mostly brewed over  … Read more

The Vietnamese way of drinking coffee

From east to west and north to south coffee is a vital part of every culture. In some cultures, coffee has been around for over 300 years. Northern Europeans have been drinking fairly large quantities of coffee. In the Middle East, coffee is a part of family traditions and mostly linked to national identity. Every  … Read more

Coffee infused banana bread | Jones Brothers Coffee

Coffee infused banana bread

Banana bread. So simple. So delicious. How could we possibly make this better than it already is? Add coffee of course! Hanisha, our favourite guest recipe blogger, is back with her suggestions! We’ve tried her coffee infused banana bread here at Jones Brothers and we loved it! Try the recipe, you will never want to  … Read more

Energy boost coffee and banana smoothie recipe

A simple cup of coffee to kick start your day is great but check out our energy-boosting coffee smoothie with banana recipe for a quick fix. Enjoy it before you go to the gym or blend it up for breakfast. It is easy to make and you may have all the ingredients available in your  … Read more

Hot in coffee world 2016

Drinking coffee isn’t a new thing but the way we drink it has certainly changed over the past few years. 2016 has been the year of new brewing techniques, experimenting with taste but also a year of changing coffee drinking habits. Here’s a little overview of what we thought has been hot in the coffee  … Read more

5 Coffee geek – Creative Christmas gifts ideas for her

Not sure what to buy your coffee-crazy partner, brother or friend for Christmas? Don’t worry, help is at hand. We have a checklist of essential items for that special present,for him or for her, and they will love you for it forever. 1. She adores latte art: Koffiesjablonen(coffee art templates) She goes all “aww” when  … Read more

5 Coffee geek Christmas gift ideas for him

Not sure what to buy your coffee-crazy partner, brother or friend for Christmas? Don’t worry, help is at hand. We have a checklist of essential items for that special present, for him and for her, and they will love you for it forever. 1.Coffee ain’t rocket science but it is science French Press: If he  … Read more

Easy and quick kruidnoten recipe for Sinterklaas

Kruidnoten is the sign that Sinterklaas is just around the corner. In the 17th century spices were pretty expensive and that’s why their use was reserved for holidays and celebrations. Now you see- kruidnoten are Sinterklaas’s special spiced treats! Strong smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and many other spices in kruidnoten is what makes them  … Read more

Delicious Tiramisu recipe

Our IT webmaster Dennis is a man of many talents – including it seems ,desserts! At the Jones Brothers Coffee office this week, we were delighted to find a custom made tiramisu arrive with Dennis - in our opinion the perfect side to go with your great fresh cup of espresso. Tiramisu is a killer combination of coffee, mascarpone and whipped cream. Dennis shares his secret tiramisu recipe with you, just for real coffee lovers.

Iconic coffee moments from the movies

Who is not a movie fan? Most importantly who is not a coffee fan? As we know, coffee is not just a drink, right! It’s a lifestyle. For a lot of us coffee is our passionate obsession. Coffee has also played its part in a lot of great (and not so great!) movies. Can you  … Read more

Carrot Cake recipe

Birthday cake, carrot cake!

No celebrations are complete without a cake, especially when it’s your birthday! We at Jones Brothers Coffee Company are celebrating our 3rd Birthday this month,so we think we deserve a birthday cake indeed! As you probably know by now, we kinda have a sweet tooth for anything delicious here at Jones Brothers (there’s nothing like  … Read more

Recycle used coffee grounds- they can do wonders! Part 2

Every morning a nice cup of delicious coffee wakes you up and gets you ready for the day but while cleaning your coffee machine you might suddenly realize the alarming amount of ground coffee remaining. Did you know that you could reuse them? Here are some ideas for you to consider the magic power of  … Read more