Espresso Bar & Office

Our primary location is the Espresso Bar and Office in De Pijp where we are more than happy to have a chat with you, serve fresh coffee drinks, grind your beans or supply you with capsules! Come by on Sint Willibrordusstraat 54, 1073VC, in Amsterdam.

House of Tribes

House of Tribes is our own Cafè based in The Hague. Artisan Coffee & Tea House serving delicious food freshly prepared everyday, along with cold or warm drinks including all our Specialty Coffee beans range.


Your favourite 10 caps box of compostable capsules are available in over 100 Jumbo store across the nation. Find your Jumbo store here!

Deen Supermarkten

Your favourite 500g beans and 10 caps box capsules are available in nearly every Deen store across the nation. Find your nearest Deen store here.


You can also find our 500g beans and capsules at our local Stadsmarkt in De Pijp on Van Woustraat 103-109. Very close to our office as well!


Find our 500g beans and compostable capsules also at Landmarkt in Amsterdam on Schellingwouderdijk 339.

Order our coffee beans and compostable capsules on as well!


Add your favourite 500g beans and compostable capsules to your weekly grocery shopping! Now you can find us also on the Picnic app.

Uber Eats

You run out of coffee and you need it NOW? Order via UberEats both our coffee capsules and coffee beans are available here.

Koffiepiraat is the webshop for the coffee lovers and taste exploreres! Here you can find our 500g Premium coffee range and our coffee capsules.

Sea Salt & Chocolate

Sea Salt & Chocolate is a delicious bakery & cafè next door to us in Amsterdam De Pijp, serving our favourite beans blend.

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