Coffee Duck for Senseo machines


Use different types of coffee in your Senseo machine!

  • Type Senseo Classic, Senseo Latte

Earn up to 40 Beanz Points.

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What’s Coffee Duck?

It’s a refillable pad that will allow you to use any ground coffee you like (especially Jones Brothers Coffee!) in your Senseo machine. Doesn’t that sound great? We have two Coffee Duck pads available: for Senseo Classic and Senseo Latte (don’t forget to choose the right type when you’re purchasing them:)

Coffee Duck is easy to use and environmentally friendly. How does it work?
It’s actually a Senseo pod holder that you can use for ground coffee. All you need to do is:

1. Buy the beans you like and grind them
2. Fill the Coffee Duck with your favourite coffee and insert it into a Senseo machine
3. Enjoy your favourite coffee prepared in the Senseo machine!

What we love about it most is that it’s suitable for various types of coffee, letting you brew your filter coffee or make a small strong espresso. How come? It’s all because it can hold between 5 to 14 grams of coffee grounds. We think our Awakening blend works really well in it.

Oh and we almost forgot to say: it’s also dishwasher safe!

Happy drinking!


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