Honduras Organic – 10x coffee capsules

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Darker roasted, chocolate and caramel sweetness, tropical fruit aroma.
100% Arabica coffee capsules

  • Strength 10 (out of 12)
  • Contents 10 capsules
14 Beanz points

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Limited Edition Honduras Organic – 10x coffee capsules

Our Limited Edition capsules range is about bringing special coffees to your cup. And there may not be more special coffees in our range right now than this coffee from the Western Region of Honduras. A beautiful fully organic coffee, grown high up in the mountains close to the Pacific Ocean creates a climatic mix of subtle tropical fruit flavours, medium bodied and lightly acidic coffee with a darker roast profile to bring out the natural caramel chocolate sweetness at the end of the drink. A perfect espresso experience!

*Disclaimer: All Jones Brothers Coffee Capsules are compatible with the original line Nespresso™ capsule machines. But in no way is Jones Brothers affiliated to or licensed by Nespresso™. The Nespresso™ is owned by Société de produits de Nestlé SA.

Our Founder, Richard Jones says…

“We are overflowing with excitement about this coffee. Our first Organic Limited Edition, this is a high grade strictly high grown bean delivering all the punch and citrus flavours we would expect from the best Honduras has to offer. It has a soft body, refined acidity and a memorable toasty aftertaste. We love it. You will love it!”