Signature Organic Decaf – Ethiopia Sidamo – medium roasted ground coffee

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100% Arabica Organic Ground Coffee – 250 grams. Signature Series – a supreme Decaf coffee!

  • Weight 250 g
  • Roast type Medium dark roast

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Signature Organic Decaf – Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo

This decaf is a very special Single Origin and Organic Certified Ground Coffee from our favourite region in Ethiopia, Sidamo.

Thanks to the use of the Swiss Water Process, it has been decaffeinated without using any chemicals. This way, we’ve kept for you all the goodness & flavour from the coffee beans, simply without the caffeine! It’s perfect for those moments when you don’t want the caffeine boost, but still want a full flavoured Ethiopia.

Our Founder, Richard Jones says…

“Our Signature Specialty Grade Decaf is grown and harvested in small amounts in the beautiful grasslands of Sidamo Ethiopia, on a little farm called Suke Quto. This 100% Arabica Organic Decaf will surprise you with the richness of flavours. Decaf coffees are sometimes associated with a metallic aftertaste- you’ll find none of it in our Ethiopia Sidamo. The natural decaffeinating process preserves all of its unique flavours to give you a smooth drink with fruity notes of apricots and a chocolatey aftertaste. A pure delight among decafs!”


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