Brewing coffee your way – V60!

How you can make filter coffee in a V60? Matt, our friend and expert barista is telling all you need to be able to make a great cup of coffee using the V60.

Home Brewing Guides 06-03-2018

V60 – Filter coffee brewing method

So, you’ve purchased the Pandora’s row of brewing methods: THE V60! Congratulations and good luck!

You’ve just embarked upon the most deliciously frustrating coffee journey I could have ever wished upon you. You’ve graduated from being delighted by your coffee to being truly INTERESTED in it! If you get it right, this will be the most rewarding cup of coffee you’ll have ever tasted.

For a bit more complexity, it comes in different materials which ALSO make it more difficult to handle. These variables are of MASSIVE importance.


We’re teaching you how to brew coffee here…not how to fly a helicopter! So, mistakes are encouraged and taste is highly subjective! Keep notes on your recipes and quantities, and be assured that this is THE king method to figure out what YOU like.


  • V60 brewer (sizes come in 01 or 02 and we are using an 02)
  • V60 filter papers (02 size)
  • A small weighing scale
  • 17 grams of Coffee – fresh ground is best! (a course grind resembling kosher salt)
  • A grinder (if you’ll be using whole beans, which is what we prefer)
  • 285 ml water – just off the boil (if the roast is darker let the temperature sink a little further) + extra water for rinsing the filter
  • Gooseneck kettle – the ones with the long spouts (optional, but recommended for better pouring control)
  • A timer
  • A thermometer (optional, but handy)
  • Your favourite coffee cup or mug
  • Other cups for sharing (if you really have to!)

V60 Brew time: 2.5 – 3.5 minutes

How to brew coffee with V60:

The water (if you want to get super serious):

This is something we haven’t covered in our previous brewing guides (and won’t go into much detail over YET), but it is of massive importance. It is the carrier of flavour. For the sake of experimentation, try making two coffees with this recipe using different water types: one with water from a filtration system and the other straight from your tap. You’ll notice a difference we guarantee. Water temperatures matter too! So, if you can, grab a thermometer and make notes about the temperatures!

To start: Bring your water to the boil and then let it cool a bit. Try for something around 92 degrees centigrade.

The coffee:

Pick a coffee you’re familiar with. It will give you the best idea of what influences each brewing method has over the cup! Try our Nomad House Blend, a really well balanced coffee; or our Awakening blend for a darker roast option.

To Start: 17 grams of ground coffee for 285ml of water (approx. 2 or so tablespoons if you’re using a pre-ground coffee) to yield around 250ml drinkable coffee. Adjust this ratio to suit your taste while experimenting.

Pre game ritual:

Take your filter and fold over the excess side. Now it can fit snugly in the brewer. Now that your water is hot, you can prepare your brewer unit. Place the brewer with filter on top of your Mug. Wet the filter paper with the hot water to cleanse it of its papery taste. After your filter empties, drain the water from the Mug.

Vital Steps:

  • Transfer the ground coffee into the filter paper on your V60.
  • Start your timer and add enough water to soak all of your coffee grind (approx.40ml water) and give it a slight swirl just to be certain that all your grinds are saturated. Wait for your coffee to degas or “bloom” (approx 30 seconds).

My “bloom” in this case is to add water until the mush reaches the middle of my brewer and stir. After the mush starts to make an indentation in my brewer (approx 15-25 seconds), I immediately add more water.

  • add more water

For a clean cup: Slowly, add enough water to keep your ground coffee saturated. Keep a slow pour in concentric circles. Don’t fill your brewer. Just keep your coffee wet until you reach your 285g weight on the scale. Once your brewer slows to a drip, remove the filter and compost it.

For a more complex cup: Add enough water to fill the brewer to half and then stir it up (as Bob Marley sing!). Keep filling the brewer with water to half and stirring until you reach your 285 weight on the scale. Once your brewer slows to a drip, remove the filter and compost it.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor – time to drink a cup of coffee!

Adjust your recipe to your liking and play with different variables and methods. Experiment and have fun! Only YOU know what YOU like, but now you have a guide to help you find your way there!

Happy Drinking!

The Bean Team