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The commodity of coffee

Hey Jones Brothers Coffee lovers. This week, a thought to ponder on when next sipping a cup of Jones Brothers finest… The market of coffee Coffee is a commodity after all … and just like any other commodity, it is priced according to supply and demand. You see, long before our beautiful beans hit the Jones Brothers  … Read more

Unusual coffee pairings from around the world: avocado, butter and tea!

So what’s your pleasure? Do you like a knob of butter in your coffee first thing in the morning, like they traditionally do in Sweden? How about stir frying your coffee beans in butter before filtering them like they do in Singapore? (Wow!) During their travels The Bean Team have encountered many strange coffee-food pairings. Here’s  … Read more

Three coffee and chocolate combinations to explore

Who doesn’t love the combination of coffee and chocolate? We grabbed our favourite bars of dark, milk and white chocolate, set up our full range of caps, and then got busy with our very own taste-test. But it didn’t turn out to be quite as easy as we thought! So, what’s your pleasure? As we  … Read more

Ristretto, espresso and lungo: how much water should you use?

As you probably know, ristretto and lungo are both ‘espresso’-based drinks. And ‘espresso’ has nothing to do with a specific bean, blend or taste. It’s simply a method of brewing coffee by quickly pushing almost boiling water, under pressure, through tightly packed, finely ground coffee beans – exactly as you use in your machine at  … Read more

Three delicious coffee breakfast pairings

What’s your favourite coffee-food pairing, for breakfast? Over the next few posts we’ll be offering some super-tasty coffee-food pairings to try out. And we’re going to start with breakfast. But first, a little tip on how to get more in touch with your taste-buds. Explore a World of Taste Our capsules range comes complete with the  … Read more