Recycle your used coffee grounds- they can do wonders! Part 1

23-08-2016 Coffee culture
used coffee grounds to recycle

Every morning a nice cup of coffee wakes you up and gets you ready for the day but while cleaning your coffee machine you might suddenly realize the alarming amount of ground coffee remaining. Did you know that you could reuse them? Here are some ideas for you to consider the magic power of coffee grounds on your skin.
We all know that to treat your skin well, it’s best to use natural products. And your favorite coffee can be one of them! Use it to :

1.Tighten your skin

At least once a week treat your skin with a face scrub: the anti-oxidants in used coffee grounds help tighten skin. How to do it? Here’s a simple recipe:

2 tablespoon (tbs) of honey
2tbs of used coffee grounds

Mix both ingredients well in a bowl; apply with clean hands on your face. Apply in the circular motion and keep in mind to not put too much pressure on your skin. Wash off after 2 mins with lukewarm water. Crazy but strangely wonderful!

2.Exfoliate your skin

2tbs coffee grounds
2tbs olive oil
1tbs brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and apply on that part of your body that you wish to exfoliate. Massage gently in circular motion for 10-15mins. Rinse off with lukewarm water and voilà! Enjoy healthy shiny and beautiful skin. Don’t believe us…Just try it!

3.Get rid of cellulitis:

Caffeine is the enemy of cellulite because it increases blood circulation, provides antioxidants and tightens the skin. Here is a simple recipe for you to treat your cellulitis.
4tbs coconut oil/avocado oil
1-small cup coffee grounds
3tbs of sea salt
1tbs cinnamon powder

Mix all the ingredients and apply a small amount using the circular motion. Rub gently on your skin and you might feel a little burning feeling- that’s cinnamon doing its work. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Do it once a week. Save the mixture in an airtight jar.
Now we’re not doctors or experts but we reckon this has got to be worth a try!