Gigolo XL coffee capsules

$ 34,97

Extra intense Ristretto
100% Arabica coffee

  • Contents 50 capsules
  • Strength 12 (out of 12)

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Gigolo XL coffee capsules

Introducing our newest member of the capsule line-up: say hello to the “Gigolo”- our super stylish, brilliantly smooth and extra intense Ristretto. With a delectable body, this dark roasted blend combines all the best of Brazilian beans to bring a full texture to your drink; and the rich sweetly intense flavors from Mexico and Peru. This short shot of heavenly coffee will invigorate your day.

Our Founder, Richard Jones says…

“I like this coffee for lots of reasons – we have created a darker, slower roasted coffee to really intensify your coffee experience and yet managed to keep it as a smooth and very delicious drink. We have given it a strength 12 for a good reason – it’s full bodied and full flavored with its richness balanced out by the lightly sweet hints of caramel and chocolate. It deserves the name Gigolo, as it is a deep dark and broody drink which leaves a lasting impression. A new favorite!”