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Our capsules are the perfect way to experience espresso based coffees in your home or maybe at your work. We have selected only the best Arabica coffees, blended them together and then expertly ground them to be tightly packed into our cool coffee capsules. Bursting with freshly roasted aromas and taste, each colour represents a different flavor experience. What’s your favorite?

Note: our capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine Machines.

  • Variety Pack – Favourites 50 caps

    Variety pack 50

    5 different flavors: Enigma, Elevate, Revive, Gigolo & Noir
    Intensity: from 6 to 12
    50 capsules

    5 flavors

  • Honduras Organic – Single Origin 50 caps

    Honduras Organic 50

    Single Origin, Fully Organic, and UTZ Certified
    Intensity: 10
    50 capsules

    Limited Edition

  • Gigolo Ristretto XL – 50 caps

    Gigolo coffee cups

    Extra intense Ristretto
    Intensity: 12
    50 capsules


  • Noir Espresso XL – 50 caps


    Intense, acidic, silky smooth
    Intensity: 10
    50 capsules

    Best Seller

  • Revive Lungo XL – 50 caps

    Revive XL coffee capsules

    Full flavoured darker roast Lungo
    Intensity: 8
    50 capsules

    Stronger and Longer

  • Enigma Espresso XL – 50 caps

    Enigma XL coffee capsules

    Strong, bold and full of flavor
    Intensity: 8
    50 capsules

  • Elevate Lungo XL – 50 caps

    Elevate coffee cups

    Longer, mild, light and zesty
    Intensity: 5
    50 capsules