Revive XL coffee capsules

$ 32.47

A full flavoured darker roast Lungo
100% Arabica coffee

  • Contents 50 capsules
  • Strength 8 (out of 12)

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Revive XL coffee capsules

5 times as nice, our new Lungo favourite in a big box! A full flavoured darker roast for added strength. Light citrus sweetness for balance. Medium bodied and a longer aftertaste.

Our Founder, Richard Jones says…

“It’s longer and it’s stronger! For those that like their lungos with a bit more bite, here it is – I get a slight floral aroma and then a flavour punch from the African coffees in the blend that wash over your palate with a surprising smoothness. The darker roast profile combines well with the Brazilian part of the coffee which brings the bigger body to the drink. Great lungo.”