Variety pack 80 coffee capsules

$ 35.47

4 different flavors
100% Arabica coffee

  • Contents 80 capsules

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Variety pack 80 coffee capsules

They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that’s exactly what we have created in our new mixed 80 capsules Variety Pack – all your favourite flavors at a smart price.

4 different flavours, a mix of ristrettos, espresso and lungos to satisfy your whims and desires at any time of the day.

You’ll find all our other premium blends including Noir Ristretto, the espresso Enigma and our carefully crafted Lungos Revive and Elevate to tempt and delight you.

Our Founder, Richard Jones says…

“We have been producing coffee in capsules since 2013. We have created this Variety Pack for your convenience so you can share the experience with friends and family or just keep them all to yourself! Rich ristrettos and elegant espressos that pack a flavour punch and longer smoother lungos give you the ultimate choice of great tasting coffees.”