Wholebeans is simply the best way to buy your coffee. Coffee is also at its freshest just when you grind it. At Jones Brothers, we want you to enjoy your coffee the way you like it in terms of origins, flavours and of course price. We especially like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Brazil – we never use anything other than 100% Arabica Beans, and especially not that nasty, bitter Robusta stuff you get in some coffee brands – not naming names! You can read more about espresso coffee on our blog.

We also really like UTZ. Find out more here what this means for the farmers and for you!

  • Honduras Organic Single Origin beans

    Honduras Organic beans
    Limited Edition

    Single Origin, Fully Organic, and UTZ Certified
    Roast strength: 5
    500g – 17.5 OZ

  • Italian Lover – Espresso Roast beans

    Italian Lover beans

    Full bodied, taste of dark chocolate with hint of cinnamon and dried fruit
    Roast strength: 5
    500g – 17.5 OZ

    Best Seller

  • The Big Shot – Espresso Roast beans

    The big shot sbeans

    Big bold coffee, chocolate and caramel aftertaste
    Roast strength: 6
    500g – 17.5 OZ

    Richer Roast