UTZ logoUTZ is good because it promotes better farm management that in turn gives more efficient production and better sustainability. It also audits the Roastery to ensure good production management and tracability of the product all the way from crop to cup. We like it because we think it is fair and it focusses on improving quality, not just about manipulating the market price like other better known certifications. Read more about UTZ here.
Well, after we have stopped crying, we will gladly either exchange what you bought for another variety, just tell us why you didn’t like it, or we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked.
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Er... no it’s not from Arabia, although a lot of people do think that! It describes a particular variety of coffee bean which is generally grown higher above sea level, mostly above 1800ft, where the altitude, the climate and the ground conditions work in harmony to create a better quality, smoother tasting bean. That’s why we like it. It is more expensive than its lowland cousin, the Robusta bean, which sits in the shade a bit more, all bitter and sad... and not tasting that great.

So check all your coffee in the future and ask only for 100% Arabica coffee!
It’s a good question, but we think we are going to let our Founder, Richard Jones answer this one:

"Imagine an espresso shot as a filter coffee under a microscope - everything is hugely magnified… the body is thicker and heavier, and all the flavours, all the acids and sugars are now much much more intense. The job of our Roastmaster is to find the most sympathetic roast profile to the bean and to the espresso too. Alternatively, with a filter brewed coffee – it works from mere gravity rather than high pressured water – so the coffee has a lighter, less syrupy feel to it and the flavours are much less magnified – so I have to find a roast profile that can really showcase all the coffee's flavour in a filter brew..."
Yes they are! We’ve always believed that everyone should be free to enjoy whichever coffee capsules they believe taste the best, and pop them into any machine they like. At Jones Brothers Coffee we are focussed on giving you as much choice and freedom to explore a world of taste as you want. So we will always work on bringing you the most up to date capsules and new and interesting coffee flavours. Tell us how you think we compare to other capsules here.

If you have any problems with the capsules in your machine, please let us know so we can help.

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It generally refers to how the beans have been roasted, to what temperature and over what time. The longer the time and the higher the temperature, the darker the bean and the stronger, more acidic the taste you get at the end. We all like our coffees different ways, so the roast strength is a good indicator of where to start when thinking about what to buy.
All Roastmasters will tell you the same thing: a lifetime of coffee passion and obsession that verges on being weird! You asked !
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