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Pre-ground Italian Lover coffee - Strength 5 (strong)

Dark roast. Punch in the face, strong, bold coffee. Pre-grounded coffee for filter and French Press.

Roast profile
Dark Roast
5 (strong)
$ 10,95
/ 500g
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Taste profile

Our dark roast coffee packs a punch, so be ready for it! A great morning pick me up, but a surprising light and fruit aroma to begin with. It washes around your mouth with a full body, subtle hints of cinnamon and dried fruits and ends with a chocolately smoothness. We love it!

Great for strong filter and French Press.

Big bold coffee, great acidity that delivers a balanced cocoa and hazelnut finish, smooth mouthfeel and great after-taste. If you like it strong and yet tasty, this is the coffee for you.

Richard Jones - founder of Jones Brothers Coffee