New Organic Fairtrade

Noir Espresso - 36 compostable capsules

Dark roast, big body Espresso Nespresso™ Compatible coffee capsules. This strong coffee has flavour hints of bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts.

10 (out of 12)
$ 25.20
/ 36 capsules
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Taste profile

Dark roast, big body, this strong coffee has flavour hints of bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts.

Our Roastmaster designs brilliant coffee blends for our beautiful capsules to satisfy every taste and palette and to make every coffee moment unique and memorable.

One of our original blends that’s now been upgraded to a higher quality coffee but with the same great taste. If you liked Noir before, you are going to love it more now. Heavy bodied with chocolate and hazelnut notes, it has a lovely nuttiness and smooth sweet ending to ensure it remains a firm favourite.

Richard Jones - founder of Jones Brothers Coffee

Great Taste. No Waste. This is how we want to make the difference.

  • 0% PLASTIC (from fossil fuels) + 0% aluminium + 100% sustainable coffee. Our new compostable coffee capsules are plant-based. They are made from a by-product of the sugar industry.
  • There are no toxic emissions during their production.
  • Our compostable capsules have no harmful impact on the environment and can be thrown, where possible, in the Green Bin.
  • And our new mini boxes are made from PEFC sustainably sourced paper and we have reduced the overall materials used by 70%.
  • All this makes us very proud.

The most sustainable coffee beans

We only use smooth tasting 100% Arabica coffee beans because we think they are the best. For our compostable capsules, we only select coffee beans which are fully Organic certified to lower the impact on the environment. They are also Fairtrade - which is one way to ensure that coffee farmers and their communities are getting a fair return for their coffee.

8 great reasons to choose new compostable coffee capsules from Jones Brothers Coffee

  1. Our compostable capsules are 100% plant-based;
  2. Our compostable capsules contain 0% aluminum and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels);
  3. Our compostable capsules are good for the green bin and totally recyclable by conventional means;
  4. Our compostable capsules are filled with 100% sustainable Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee;
  5. Our compostable capsules use Stay Fresh Technology to keep our coffee as fresh as it gets;
  6. Our compostable capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso Machines;
  7. Our compostable capsules are available in 4 rich blends plus decaf for delicious coffee moments;
  8. Our compostable capsules packaging requires 70% less materials.