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Pre-ground Awakening coffee - Strength 4 (medium strong)

Medium dark roast. Distinct, complex flavours, smooth all-day drinking coffee. Pre-grounded coffee for filter and French Press.

Colombia and Mexico
Roast profile
Medium-Dark Roast
4 (medium strong)

Taste profile

Super smooth and tasty coffee to suit everyone. We changed the roast profile and the origins in the coffee so that we now have crisp lemon citrus notes, creamier texture, medium acidity and medium body coffee that is delicious as espresso and beautiful with milk.

Great for filter and French Press.

This new recipe took a few months of development before I hit upon this wonderful combination of origins and flavours. It retains elements of its original punchy aroma but with subtle hints of dried fruits from the Colombian bean. A firm body, silky mouthfeel and a light almond biscuits hint from the Mexico coffee creates complex flavours that cover the whole palate. A great coffee no matter what time of the day – We love it!

Richard Jones - founder of Jones Brothers Coffee