New Organic Fairtrade

The Super 120 Variety Pack - 120 capsules

This Super 120 Variety Pack includes all our 100% pure Arabica espresso capsules (Noir, Gigolo, Enigma, Revive and Zen), to never run out of coffee!

$ 59
/ 120 capsules
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Great Taste. No Waste. This is how we want to make the difference.

  • 0% PLASTIC (from fossil fuels) + 0% aluminium + 100% sustainable coffee. Our new compostable coffee capsules are plant-based. They are made from a by-product of the sugar industry.
  • There are no toxic emissions during their production.
  • Our compostable capsules have no harmful impact on the environment and can be thrown, where possible, in the Green Bin.
  • And our new mini boxes are made from PEFC sustainably sourced paper and we have reduced the overall materials used by 70%.
  • All this makes us very proud.

Stay Fresh Technology

Our capsules use a patented barrier technology to prevent oxygen interacting with the coffee after packing. And all our coffees are roasted and packed in an oxygen-free production process to keep the coffee fresh and full of taste for longer guaranteeing a better tasting drink.

Nespresso™ compatible capsules

All of our coffee capsules are compatible with the original line Nespresso* machines.

*Disclaimer: Jones Brothers Coffee is not affiliated with endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso®. The Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société de produits Nestlé SA.

8 great reasons to choose new compostable coffee capsules from Jones Brothers Coffee

  1. Our compostable capsules are 100% plant-based;
  2. Our compostable capsules contain 0% aluminum and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels);
  3. Our compostable capsules are good for the green bin and totally recyclable by conventional means;
  4. Our compostable capsules are filled with 100% sustainable Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee;
  5. Our compostable capsules use Stay Fresh Technology to keep our coffee as fresh as it gets;
  6. Our compostable capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso Machines;
  7. Our compostable capsules are available in 4 rich blends plus decaf for delicious coffee moments;
  8. Our compostable capsules packaging requires 70% less materials.