Trial Pack - 36x compostable capsules (incl. Free Shipping)

0% aluminum + 0% plastic (from fossil fuels) = 100% sustainable coffee. Discover our new generation of compostable, Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Great taste. No Waste. One trial Pack per household.

/ 36 capsules
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Taste profile

5 rich blends to enjoy a great cup of coffee

This trial pack box contains 36 capsules of our famous blends (8x Noir Espresso, 8x Enigma Espresso, 8x Revive Lungo, 8x Gigolo Ristretto, 4x Zen Decaf) and is a great way to try them at a low price.


Dark roasted, super smooth and richly intense ristretto coffee with just a hint of sweet caramel & chocolate.


Dark roast, with flavours of roasted nuts, subtle malt, light fruits and rich cacao finish.


Dark roast, strong and bittersweet chocolate flavours, with a hint of hazelnut.


Intense and uplifting, a sweet and citrus balanced flavour sensation.


Lighter bodied and with subtle sweet moments. This is a mellow berry deliciousness. All the taste… none of the caffeine!

We are so proud to release this great innovation. 0% aluminium + 0% plastic (from fossil fuels) = 100% sustainable coffee. This is the best equation we could dream of.

Our Roastmaster designs brilliant blends for our beautiful capsules to satisfy every taste and palette. Our coffees are smooth tasting 100% Arabica beans, come from certified Fairtrade origins and all are Organic certified.

Richard Jones - founder of Jones Brothers Coffee

Compostable Coffee Capsules. We want to make the difference.

Our new compostable coffee capsules are plant-based! That makes us very proud (and super happy as well). They not only have no negative impact on the environment but most importantly, our compostable coffee capsules will still keep our delicious coffees protected from oxygen to deliver great drinks thanks to our Stay Fresh Technology innovation.

It takes time to go green.

We have to admit, we thought it would be easy. Pfff… It’s been a long journey to come up with this new generation of Nespresso™ compatible and compostable coffee capsules. But it was worth the effort.

Discover them now with this 36 capsules trial pack. No harmful impact for the planet. Positive impact on our health. Our new compostable coffee capsules are totally toxin-free as they contain 0% aluminium and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels).

8 great reasons to choose new compostable coffee capsules from Jones Brothers Coffee

  1. Our compostable capsules are 100% plant-based;
  2. Our compostable capsules contain 0% aluminum and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels);
  3. Our compostable capsules are good for the green bin and totally recyclable by conventional means;
  4. Our compostable capsules are filled with 100% sustainable Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee;
  5. Our compostable capsules use Stay Fresh Technology to keep our coffee as fresh as it gets;
  6. Our compostable capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso Machines;
  7. Our compostable capsules are available in 4 rich blends plus decaf for delicious coffee moments;
  8. Our compostable capsules packaging requires 70% less materials.

Stay Fresh Technology

Our capsules use a patented barrier technology to prevent oxygen interacting with the coffee after packing. And all our coffees are roasted and packed in an oxygen-free production process to keep the coffee fresh and full of taste for longer guaranteeing a better tasting drink.

Nespresso™ compatible capsules

All of our coffee capsules are compatible with the original line Nespresso* machines.

*Disclaimer: Jones Brothers Coffee is not affiliated with endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso®. The Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société de produits Nestlé SA.