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At Jones Brothers Coffee, we have been brewing happiness in Amsterdam since 2013. Our mission is to bring more coffee happiness to the world. That means sourcing and roasting high quality, ethically based and carefully crafted delicious tasting coffees for your enjoyment. Three of our best-selling coffees are our 100% arabica famous dark roast blends: The Awakening, The Big Shot, and Italian Lover. High grade beans, rich and intense flavours, medium and dark roasted smooth tasting coffees from central and south America. An exciting journey of taste that suits your coffee drinking moments.

Rise and shine to The Awakening! Like a sunrise in your cup, medium dark roasted beans from Colombia and Mexico with a refreshing aroma and intense flavour. This bold blend combines harmonious notes of milk chocolate, and light citrus notes and a delicate biscuity aftertaste. It’s the perfect flavoursome pick-me-up in the morning or anytime, as an espresso, a filter or with milk.

The Big Shot: for storm rescuers! The Big Shot is for those who want stride into the storm. Bold, confident coffee drinkers. This powerful extra dark roasted 4-origin blend combines Central American and Indonesian beans, creating a big bodied coffee, full of character and a powerful punch. A rich, dark chocolate flavour, caramel undertones and velvety smoothness with a light spice aftertaste. Excellent as an espresso and strong filter coffee drinks.

More Amore in a cup! - the Italian Lover: There is a reason this is our best-selling coffee. Inspired by Italy’s vibrant coffee culture, this Brazil based blend is a delicious and seductive cup. Fall in love with the velvety dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes with subtle hints of cinnamon and dried fruits. Beautiful, balanced and full of life. Indulge in this irresistible bean. Life is way too short to drink boring, dull coffee. Fuel your days and your imagination with our dark roast blends. Awaken your taste buds to smooth and rich coffees perfect for all coffee gadgets and preparations.

Want to meet us in person? Real humans serving our coffees at our Espresso Bar in Amsterdam - more than just a coffee place: a moment, a chance to catch up and talk about life…and all things coffee. Come by anytime between Monday and Friday and share a coffee moment with us.

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