Jones Brothers Coffee exists because we were unhappy with the coffee beans we used to drink and thought that it must be possible to do better. So we started looking at the way coffee was made, then where it came from and how it was roasted. And we have learned a lot in the last 10 years!

Welcome to our taste revolution!

We want to bring you the best tasting quality coffee we can – either as Espresso Blends or Single Origins, for espresso coffees or filter, from sources that we know.

You see, there is no excuse for bad coffee, there is so much good coffee out there! Our Roastmaster buys the highest quality graded beans that we can at each harvest in different parts of the world, (only 100% Arabica coffee of course, as these are the best!), and then he designs a roasting profile to maximise the taste and flavour from each blend or single origin. We bag them and send them out as fresh to you as is humanly possible.

Please note: The countries of origin in our blends may vary over time, as we are continually in search of the freshest, highest quality beans that give you the best tasting coffee possible.

And we hope that you will enjoy drinking our tasty coffee as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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