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We believe that coffee sets the rhythm of our days. It connects us with others. Opens our minds to new taste possibilities and helps us embrace life. We have been brewing Happiness since 2013 – from the crop to the cup.

So, be inspired and join us on our coffee adventure.

Our Coffee Beans

100% Arabica, carefully roasted & blended

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Our Pre-ground Coffees

100% Arabica pre-ground for filter

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Our Coffee Capsules

Go green with our new compostable capsules

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Our Accessories

Make your home coffee brewing unique

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Jones Brothers Coffee

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Pre-grounded coffee

Now available in your favourite dark roasted blends

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Discover our new range of compostable coffee capsules

that deliver great taste and no waste.

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Discover our coffee tasting packs

Family pack Premium Coffee

Three delicious flavours of 100% Arabica coffee beans. 3 x 500 grams for only €19,99.

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Compostable Capsules

Try our new generation of compostable, Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. No waste.

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The Blend Collection

A bundle of medium and medium-dark roast Specialty coffee to find your all time favourite!

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