How to step up your filter coffee game: MoccaMaster edition!

Looking to upgrade your filter coffee brewing experience? The Moccamaster is the perfect filter coffee machine, making homebrewing simple, efficient and quick. Here's what makes the Moccamaster so iconic, and why we love it!

Home Brewing Guides 28-02-2022

Filter coffee may just be the easiest and most efficient way to get your fix of good, fresh coffee. Whether you use filter coffee machines already, or if you’re just looking to move to this method of brewing, the Moccamaster is a great choice. Affordable, easy, and quick - the holy trinity of a good home brewing experience. Here’s what we love about the machine:

What is the Moccamaster? In the simplest way, the Moccamaster is the filter coffee machine of your dreams. In technical terms, it is a handmade machine made specifically for drip coffee using ground beans. The design of the Moccamaster has remained unchanged since the first model launch in 1962, and still provides you with great coffee at the touch of one button. The Moccamaster is the best way to ensure a great cup of coffee for those mornings when you find yourself in a rush, or even when you want to have a slow start to the day.

The Dutch-designed machine is notorious for its simplicity, ease and quality. It gives you great filter coffee, and quick. See for yourself!

This is how we make a ½ pot:

1 Moccamaster filter paper

2½ spoons or 20 grams of fresh ground coffee (we recommend our dark roast Big Shot coffee for that morning pick me up boost!)

Cool tap water (filled up to the 4 cup mark)

Step 1:

Start by putting the filter paper into the funnel, and add the ground coffee.

Tip: We prefer to use freshly ground coffee. Of course, that may not always be possible at home. So, use a medium coarse pre-ground coffee instead.

Step 2:

Next, fill the machine with fresh tap water up to the 4 cup mark. Now, switch it on and voila! Your filter coffee will be ready and in the pot for you to enjoy in minutes.

What makes Moccamaster-made filter coffee so good?

Keeping aside its simplicity, filter coffee from the Moccamaster is brewed rather gently as compared to a cheaper quality filter coffee machine. It has a 9-spout water outlet that guarantees even extraction of your coffee. Essentially, the MoccaMaster is really just a machine that heats water, pushes it through the spout and onto the coffee. However, this machine is known for its meticulous attention to the little things that matter.

Tip: experiment with different coffees! Try our specialty coffee range - we love The Jones Seasonal Blend or our beautiful family-farm Colombian coffee from the Huila region. The strength and intensity from these beans gives the coffee a unique, smooth tasting experience.

What makes our Jones Seasonal Blend coffee work so well with the Moccamaster is its multi-origin source, bringing in different flavours from each region it’s sourced from.

Our Colombia Single Origin coffee goes really well in the Moccamaster!

Note: we don’t sell Moccamaster machines. We’re just big fans of the machine and think it is a great way to make the best of your coffee drinking moments, anytime!

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