The Journey of the Coffee Bean

Coffee culture 01-06-2020

It’s complex

The purity of a great espresso based coffee belies the complexity of the flavours concocted by nature and harvested by man. It tells us nothing about the journey of the humble bean from crop to your cup. And yet it is quite a journey.

So many elements contribute to that one moment that it should not be a surprise that not all espressos are that great. Too many things can go wrong. Read Richard’s blogs on the Art of Espresso or the Journey of the Bean to understand it a bit more.

The journey of the coffee bean

What we do

At Jones Brothers, we only play a small part in this most wondrous of journeys but it is a part that we understand well and do our best with the responsibility we have. We choose the origin and the quality of our beans, we design our blends and determine the roasting profile.

We ensure the beans are packed into an airtight bag or ground and quickly compressed into a tiny capsule – all to maintain its freshness. And we aim to get our coffee to you as soon as we can. We want it to be the best it can be. Every flavour hint and aroma bursting to get out.

The journey of the coffee bean

Where you come in…

But after that, it’s over to you. How you make or brew your coffee, what equipment you use, how you grind your beans, how you store it and how you drink it – espresso, with milk, long black? We have some useful tips but ultimately you decide. Try a little experimenting with ratios of water and ground coffee to suit your individual preference.

We are all individuals. And so is Jones Brothers coffee. We hope you enjoy it.

The journey of the coffee bean

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