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Coffee capsules

Discover our new range of compostable coffee capsules that deliver great taste and no waste. They contain 0% aluminium, 0% plastic (from fossil fuels) and are 100% plant-based. The coffee inside the capsules is Organic and Fairtrade certified to deliver a great coffee moments everytime. Try them all. Our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are the perfect way to experience espresso coffees at home or at the office. We have selected only the best Arabica coffees, blended them together and then expertly ground them to be tightly packed into our cool coffee capsules. Bursting with freshly roasted aromas and taste, each colour represents a different flavour experience. What’s your favourite?


8 great reasons to choose new compostable coffee capsules from Jones Brothers Coffee

Nespresso compatible, sustainable, fresh, great-tasting, Organic, Fairtrade Certified & good for the environment.

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Reason 1: Our compostable capsules are 100% plant-based

Our capsules are made from natural sugarcane which is a non-primary food source.

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Reason 2: Our compostable capsules contain 0% aluminum and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels)

The material and production process of our compostable coffee capsules use no fossil fuels and generate no toxic emissions.

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Reason 3: Our compostable capsules are good for the green bin

From the field, to the field. Our compostable coffee capsules break down into water, CO2 and biomass, which can be then used as a fertilizer. Our capsules will be totally recyclable by conventional means with the general domestic waste.

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Reason 4: Our compostable capsules are filled with 100% sustainable Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee

This is the best way to guarantee that the coffee we put in our compostable coffee capsules has been grown in full respect of the environment and that the farmers are getting a fair revenue from their work.

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Reason 5: Our compostable capsules use Stay-Fresh Technology to keep our coffee as fresh as it gets

Using a new innovation barrier technology, our production process and capsules prevent oxygen interacting with the coffee, keeping it fresh for longer.

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Reason 6: Our compostable capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso Machines

For all Nespresso Original lines machines for the home, excluding built-in capsule machines and Nespresso Vertuo.

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Reason 7: Our compostable capsules are available in 4 rich blends plus decaf

We've created 4 delicious blends to deliver amazing delicious coffee moments whether you are a ristretto, espresso or lungo lover. Our decaf uses a chemical-free process for a deliciously satisfying drink.

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Reason 8: Our compostable capsules packaging uses 70% less materials

We are using innovative packing techniques to create small carbon footprint. We are using sustainably sourced paper to create our packaging.

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