All the best coffee beans are UTZ certified!

Coffee culture 21-05-2018

All the best coffee beans are certifiably sustainable!

We believe there’s some things in life that you just shouldn’t compromise on. One is great tasting coffee, of course. The other thing is doing business in a fair and ethical way.

You may know that all Jones Brothers premium range coffee beans are UTZ certified. But what is UTZ? What does it mean? And why are we so happy to be the newest UTZ-certified kid on the block?

Better farming, better future for all!

UTZ is a worldwide certification programme for responsibly farmed coffee, tea, cocoa and palm oil. The program enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment. So that not only means better quality coffee, but better quality of life for all involved.

UTZ also manages and develops a code of conduct, provides independent certification and uses a unique traceability system to make the chain fully transparent, all the way from farmer to you – our lovely consumer. So when you buy UTZ certified coffee, you can be sure you are helping build a better future.

A partnership to be proud of!

Right from the very start of our business, Jones Brothers Coffee has always supported the principles of sustainable farming and direct sourcing. It’s deep in our DNA. And that’s why we’re happy and proud to be UTZ certified. We’re looking forward to a long and wonderful partnership!

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team

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