Beans or beer?

Coffee culture 03-01-2018

We’ve all been there. The weekend is approaching. Your brain feels fried. You’ve been working hard all week and your creativity is coming to a slow stand still. You know you need to fuel up with something, to unleash those creative juices once more but what with? Do you reach for a beer or some beans? A cool ale or an Americano?


Your celebral cortex is a part of your brain that controls conscious thought, language and interaction. When alcohol his it, you feel less focused but it frees up your brain from all the distractions that normally occupy it. Bij een promillage van 0,5 (ongeveer twee drankjes), word je inderdaad vaak creatiever! When your blood alcohol reaches 0.07 (around two drinks), you do in fact become more creative! So a beer might make you worry less about other stuff and help free your mind to come up with great ideas. But a couple of beers will decrease your memory and make you less focused.


You feel sleepy and lackluster when what’s called adenosine in your brain binds with its adenosine receptor. Add caffeine into the mix and the receptor binds with the caffeine instead of the adenosine. And hey presto, you will immediately feel more awake, alive and energetic. So coffee will enegise you and make you more focused, in as little as five minutes!

So the conclusion is:

Have a beer when searching for the initial idea (in moderation of course!) and a coffee when you’ve got the idea and now need to focus on expanding it.

In a nutshell: Beer – THE IDEA Beans – THE EXECUTION Simple isn’t it?

Remember the morning after the beer, you will need a coffee to get your day going with a smile. Actually, that goes with or without a beer. A Jones Brothers coffee, of course!

Happy drinking!

The Bean Team

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