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Coffee culture 17-04-2015

Find yourself mesmerised by the cool creativity behind latte art? The thing is, latte art needn’t be limited to coffee orders in speciality coffee houses. With a bit of practice at home (actually, a lot of practice at home), there’s no reason why you can’t master the art yourself to ensure your beautiful Jones Brothers Coffee beans are enjoyed in sophistication and style!

Read on for today’s 101 guide to Latte Art…

Latte art is a way to show that the espresso you’ve pulled and the milk you have steamed are perfect so you want to think about contrast and symmetry. The art is in the pour. Once you’ve pulled that perfect shot then steamed the milk properly, all it takes is the right amount of tip and pour combined with a little wrist and cup action. Of course, you then need to practice, practice, practice!

Say it with flowers

Pour the milk about an inch away from the bottom. Once the cup is about half filled, gently shake the pitcher back and forth while slowly moving it backwards. The flower design will move forward, filling the cup. Do this with a shaking motion originating at the wrist instead of moving your hand back and forth.

Make it with heart

Starting off with the milk pitcher close to the top of the mug, introduce a little bit of milk in the same place. Now, lifting the pitcher an inch or so up, pour one revolution of a circle, making sure to move the milk pitcher, not the mug. Hold the stream of milk in the same place, but wiggle the milk pitcher back and forth as you make a ringed circle. When your milk is almost completely poured, swing the milk up to create the bottom tip of your heart.

Top tips

  • Start with very cold milk – keep the temperature just above freezing and keep the steam pitchers refrigerated. Cold milk and steam pitchers will give you more time to create the smooth and velvety texture needed
  • Use a cup with a wide mouth to allow you to see the developing latte art design more easily
  • Use fresh milk for every cup, even if you have milk left over from the previous cup
  • If you add one drop of dishwashing liquid to your pitcher of water, it steams exactly like milk so you can get a feel for it without wasting a load of milk!
  • Try sprinkling chocolate powder into the cup before pouring the milk for variety and because it will look and taste even better!
  • Make sure you use an espresso machine with a proper brew head and boiler and enough steam power to properly froth the milk. These machines are an investment but worth it, if you want to really be a coffee aficionado
  • Using 2% milk (i.e. 98% fat free milk) is recommended when you’re developing your steaming/pouring skills. Why? Because this milk has a better froth volume and consistency which will make latte art easier

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Love what we brew!

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