Our Kick Ass Coffee Fueling Human Endurance!

Coffee culture 26-06-2018

Have you ever wondered what the limit of human endurance could be? Well we think we’re about to find out. Read our story…

Our friend and all round good guy, maybe crazy guy, Alex de Saint (we like to call him “Alex the Insane”) is about to embark on one of the toughest challenges for any human – the Yukon 1000 Race – a 1000 mile race across a huge lake from Canada to Alaska on a standup paddle (SUP). Yes a stand up paddle! And it will probably take 6-8 days. Whaat?

The Yukon 1000 race follows the route of the Klondike goldrush in testament to the fortitude of the first prospectors two hundred years ago. The Race starts in Whitehorse and continues down river all the way to the Alaska Pipeline Bridge on the Dalton Highway, 1000 miles, 1600 kilometres downstream.

Madness! This Yukon 1000 race is unique for its requirement for ultimate self-reliance and the remote and dangerous adventure experience. The website even has suggestions on how to deal with bears on route – after all, this is the salmon season or as we might know it, the “bear feeding frenzy season”! And the best bit of advice: “bring bear spray” !

People from all over the world are taking part and Alex is proudly representing The Netherlands.

Now, we not only want Alex to survive this amazing challenge, we also want to support him and help him get across the finish line. It’s just him, his paddle, a few bits of equipment…and some additional ‘fuel’ in the form of Jones Brothers Coffee. Our new Kick Ass blend is a big bold strong beast (a bit like Alex we feel!) and has been carefully packed in water-proof bags to make sure he can get his daily (hourly?) fix to keep him strong and focused. He has his moka pot and a small hand-press espresso maker to keep him company day and night.

We never thought the strapline we made up for this coffee would be taken so seriously by Alex: “For when you seriously need to get shit done!” seems rather under-doing what Alex is setting out to achieve. But if anyone can do it, we know Alex can. Come on Alex! Wanna try the warrior’s brew? click here!

So, we are calling out to all arm-chair warriors like us to support Alex on this most unique of quests. Follow his progress on his Facebook profile “Alex De Saint” or track live the race here!

We will posting regular updates and hopefully amazing photos of this adventure over the next week. We’ll keep you posted!

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team

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