Three delicious coffee breakfast pairings

Coffee treats 07-04-2014

What’s your favourite coffee-food pairing, for breakfast? Over the next few posts we’ll be offering some super-tasty coffee-food pairings to try out. And we’re going to start with breakfast. But first, a little tip on how to get more in touch with your taste-buds.

Explore a World of Taste

Our capsules range comes complete with the tagline: ‘Explore a World of Taste’. That’s not just marketing spin. It’s a serious (in a sensual, palette-perking sort of way) invitation to join us in celebrating the truly great taste of 100% Arabica blends.

As you may know, every bean carries its own unique flavour profile. Every bean has different varietals. And they grow in different conditions too. Recognising the individual differences in the favour profiles takes quite a bit practice. Check out our cool coffee tasting video to get an idea of how the pros do it.

The secret to training your palette is to start to by understanding what you are experiencing. Writing down on a piece of paper what you taste in your mouth helps a lot!

So when you try these pairings, take a moment for yourself. Close your laptop. Ignore the kids. Take a sip of your coffee and savour the flavour. Take a bite of your breakfast. Focus on the sensation in your mouth. And write yourself a little note so you don’t forget.

Three coffee food pairings for breakfast

1. The sweet coffee breakfast option

Do you prefer a sweet breakfast with pastry, crepes, croissants or even a stroopwafel? If so, look out for coffees that have higher fruit notes. Espresso-based drinks work well. Within our own range, that means trying out Lust and Envy in particular. But Elevate works great too! The slightly earthy body and lemon peel finish are a perfect complement to a sweet breakfast.

2. The light breakfast

If you prefer a simple toast, cereal, muffin or muesli for breakfast, then you should look out for a light bodied coffee with a well balanced, sweeter flavour. Again, Elevate is great. But secretly, we rather like Lust with our muesli – the pink grapefruit notes cut through the dried fruit and cereals wonderfully. Yum!

3. The power breakfast

Finally, if you like to ‘power-up’ first thing in the morning with omelettes, or eggs and bacon, then look for a heavier-bodied coffee that won’t get lost in the intensity of a hearty breakfast. Ristrettos always work well. Noir and Enigma are both excellent. But our favourite is the big, creamy, mouthfeel of Noir. Its long bitter-sweet chocolate taste, complete with hints of hazelnuts, goes down a treat.

So what’s your pleasure?

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these breakfast-coffee pairings. What’s your own personal favourite? We’ll be back soon with some more coffee-food pairing tips. Meanwhile, here’s the recipe for that delicious bacon and egg cupcake pictured above. Enjoy!

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team

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