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If you’d like to experience something from five hundred years ago then it is the time you get to know Turkish coffee a little better. Turkish way of making coffee is known for its intensity and filter-less method. Traditionally Turks brewed coffee on hot sand but in today’s modern world it is mostly brewed over the stove. Turkish coffee is a combination of water, exceptionally fine ground coffee, cardamom and sugar if you like it sweet. It is served with a glass of water and Turkish delight. First sip on the water to cleanse your palate to taste the unique drink. Each element in preparation equally takes part in making a great cup of coffee.

Freshly ground coffee:

To prepare Turkish coffee you need finely ground coffee, finer even than espresso. Let’s say something like a fine dusty cocoa powder. Use a medium roast with less oil on the surface like our medium-roasted coffee beans The Awakening. The fineness of the grind really makes a lot of difference.

Traditional Turkish coffee cup:

The Turkish coffee cup is like any espresso cup but one difference is that it needs to be a straight cup. It shouldn’t be narrower at the bottom like most espresso cups. The reason for that is if you like the crema, a straight cup holds it in a better way.


Ideally use tap water. If you are in a rush and don’t care about the crema then you can also use boiled water it’ll be quick this way.

Coffee pot:

Anyone wanting to truly enjoy the Turkish coffee, a traditional coffee pot called Cezve (Pronounced as Jezwe) is a must. A Cezve is a metal pot with a wide bottom and long wood handle. It comes in two different types – the wide neck pot is used to brew coffee with lots of crema or if you don’t like the crema then use the narrow neck one.

How to make it:

Measure the water in the same cups you are going to serve the coffee. If you are making coffee for three people add three cups of water and 3 heaped spoons of coffee. If you like your coffee strong then add extra coffee. If you want sugar in your coffee add it during the cooking otherwise it won’t mix once the coffee is done. Let it cook slowly to produce a nice foam or crema on top of it. Once there is crema pour it in the cup and put the Cezva back on the stove and let it produce another layer of crema. Remove the pot from the stove and pour the coffee in the cups and it is ready to serve.

Interesting fact:

There is a tradition in Turkey that when a young couple wants to marry. The Groom’s side go to the Bride’s parents to ask for their daughter’s hand. The bride-to-be has to cook her best Turkish coffee to impress the parents and the groom. Turkey is a beautiful country full of traditions that are passing from generation to generation and so is their coffee recipe. If you have anything to add that we might have missed please let us know at hello@jonesbrotherscoffee.com. Who knows we might reward you with something nice.

Happy drinking!

The Bean Team

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