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Using the right grinder is probably one of the most important details that contributes to the making of that perfect shot of espresso. We've made a list of electric and manual grinder to help you choose your perfect coffee grinder!

Home Brewing Guides 18-12-2020

Electric grinders:

1) The Baratza Encore - €149 on Bol; €139 on CoolBlue, €139 on Amazon

The Baratza Encore is the best electric grinder for beginners on their coffee journey. The stainless steel precise, durable conical burrs provide 40 individual grind settings for consistent, quality grinding for both Espresso (0,8g/sec) and Filter brewing methods (1,1g/sec). This way you can grind your beans on the coarse side for French Press and finer for Moka Pot or Espresso. You can fit up to 227g in the hopper and 142g in the grounds bin. This electric grinder fits perfectly most kitchen cabinets to avoid any extra inconvenience. It gets even better! The Baratza Encore has now a new sleek exterior!

2) The Baratza Sette 270 - €250 on Amazon

The Baratza Sette 270 is the standard, high performance electric grinder for at home espressos. This electric grinder has 30 macro-adjustments, grinding from espresso (3,5g/sec) to filter (5.5g/sec), and 9 indicators for micro-adjustment to make sure you get your shots easily at any time. The bean hopper has a capacity of 300-400g and the grounds bin capacity is 160g. Moreover, it provides almost no retention and an easy and quick cleaning and maintenance process. The grind quality allows this grinder to be used for many brewing styles and convertible devices, from grinding directly into your portafilter to the anti-static bin included in the kit.

3) The Sage SCG820 Smart Grinder Pro - 200€ on Amazon; 249€ on Cool Blue

Sage is now producing a wide range of coffee equipment across all budgets including fully automatic coffee machines.

This Sage SCG820 Smart Grinder Pro has stainless steel conical grinding elements and 60 pre-programmed settings, or “intelligent settings”, to choose from, which help you to brew a perfect cup of espresso (choose ‘Shots’) or filter coffee yourself, at home (choose ‘Cups’).

With the Precision Digital Time you have full control over the grinding time to achieve the perfect dose. Moreover, it can grind up to 450g of coffee beans directly into a portafilter, container or paper filter. Pretty easy to use and nice quality.

Hand Grinders:

1) Hario Skerton Plus - 39€/45€ on Jones Brothers Coffee

We believe fresh is best, so say hello to the Skerton manual coffee grinder and mornings filled with the smell of fresh coffee! This hand grinder is probably the best manual coffee grinder available for this price.

It has a ceramic burr, that won’t rust or cause metallic odour, which is super important for the taste of your coffee. And all its metal parts are made of stainless steel. This coffee grinder is a great little tool to have in your kitchen. It’s a handy size and easy to use (it has an anti-slip cover), and if you leave the lid on, it works great as a jar to keep your freshly ground coffee in.

Perfect for filter coffee grinding. We love it! This is why you can also find it in our webshop. We also bundle it up with a bag of our specialty or premium coffee beans for free! A pretty awesome gift package.

Buy it here with a free bag of 500g premium coffee beans from Jones Brothers Coffee.

Buy it here with a free bag of 250g Specialty coffee beans from Jones Brothers Coffee.

2) Hario Mini Slim Plus - 39€ on Bol, 34€ on Amazon

This version of the Hario grinder is the best little travel buddy. It's perfect for both espresso and filter coffee making. Although it doesn't grind as fast as the Skerton, it's lighter and safer for travelling thanks to the plastic construction. As it is the case for Hario Skerton Pro, with its ceramic cone grinder you can grind for espresso and filter coffees. What’s even better is that it **shows an indication of how many cups you grind for. **

Overall, we always recommend to buy the best grinder for your budget. It is a super important gadget that improves the quality of your coffee drink, however you drink it. Hand grinders are handy, but electric grinders will rock your coffee world! Read here our article on the importance of the grind before brewing your coffee cup!

Happy Drinking!

The Bean Team

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