Coffee and sleep

Coffee culture 22-05-2015

Good morning Coffee lovers!

Last time we shared the lowdown on the science of happiness with you. Hand in hand with this is the importance of a good nights’ sleep… something we need prior to reaching out for that first cup of Jones Brothers Coffee each morning.

But if you spend more time counting sheep than getting quality zzzz, what can you do about it?

Read on for our top tips…

  • Get hot – We carry a lot of strain in our tummies so placing a hot water bottle on it at night releases tension and helps us relax.
  • Stomach rub – Make circular massage motions on your tummy. Better still, get someone to do it for you. This helps the digestive system to relax
  • Wiggle your toes – Wiggle both feet at the same time to loosen up your entire body, inside and out (weird, but it works we promise!)
  • Have a snack – No, not a late night take-away and a soda but a low protein, high carb snack like a banana or a muffin
  • Drink warm milk – This really does calm the nervous system
  • Yawn – Yawn a lot and on purpose to trick your mind into feeling sleepy
  • Have a massage – Talk a special someone into giving you a little soft but firm back rub before sleep to work the stiffness out of your muscles and pacify you to sleep
  • Get oiled up – Lavender oil is calming and great, diluted with a little water, on your temple or wrist. Try also massaging sesame or almond oil into the soles of your feet
  • Put it on paper – Find yourself with a million thoughts whirring around your head? Keep your notebook and pencil right next to your bed so you can jot them all down and deal with them tomorrow. They’ll still be there …
  • Avoid caffeine – Ha! Only joking… just avoid caffeine during the hours before sleep if you find yourself overly sensitive to it
  • Stick to some rules – for example, have one day per week when you don’t wake to an alarm
  • Avoid screens – Try to avoid bright screens right before bedtime. This includes your TV too… why not go to bed earlier and read for a while instead?
  • Work out – countless reports show that those who work out, sleep better… just avoid training right before bedtime. A session in the morning or the afternoon will work wonders to help you fall asleep quicker and give you a deeper slumber
  • Ultimately, the average adult needs between six to eight hours per day. Some manage on less, some need more… you just need to figure out what your body needs then try hard to stick to that. Remember that when you miss out on sleep, your body goes into ‘sleep debt’. Lose out on one night and you need to repay those hours the following night. Let the debt rocket out of control though and you’re gearing yourself up for additional stress and burnout.

Just think what a shame it would be if you can’t truly savour that first cup of Jones Brothers Coffee beautiful beans because you’re not feeling on top form in the morning?

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team

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