Unwind from the weekly grind!

Coffee culture 02-09-2015

Like me, do you look forward to the weekends, to slow down a bit, stop thinking about work and all the niggly things that annoy you, take your time over the things that matter, relax? Does coffee feature in your list of things to enjoy during your weekends? It does for me.

It usually involves taking longer to make my coffee on a Saturday morning and then visiting my local favourite little bakery on a Sunday morning. It’s the routine you see, the ritual. This is what makes coffee something to look forward to. Not just the quick, mindless shots of espresso we take during the week to keep us going as we rush between meetings (or as we try to stay awake on those seemingly endless afternoon shifts!) – but something more. Something that you can care about. Something that allows you to block out the world around you, even for just a few minutes.

Taking a little extra time to grind some coffee beans

For me and my wife -also, luckily for me, a coffee fanatic- it is about taking a little extra time to grind some coffee beans and sit down on the sofa for 10 minutes with a filter coffee or a cafetiere and really savour the moment. Have a little chat about nothing. Or something. Talk about the coffee – I try to bring something different home each week – to seek if it works well for us, if it goes well with a biscuit or not, with chocolate covering, or not.

Enjoy the moment, the experience, the taste

So I say, take some time this weekend. Unwind over a slowly made coffee. Enjoy the moment, the experience, the taste. Talk coffee. Think about how it is good for the soul. Make a promise to do this every weekend and to try lots of different coffees in the coming weeks. We think it works. And you will feel better come Monday morning as the madness begins again that you took that moment.

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team

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