If coffee was a colour…

Coffee culture 13-03-2015

If filter coffee was a colour, it would be the new black!

This week we’re loving the fact that filter coffee is coming back into fashion, in a BIG way. It’s been all the rage recently in lots of coffee-loving pockets in the world and no wonder as it’s jam-packed with flavour, is super smooth and ensures you get superior quality coffee, day in, day out.

And the best bit? Now that we’ve launched our ab fab new webshop, it’s easier than ever for you to get your hands on Jones Brothers’ finest. One click and we’ll deliver it direct to your door!

You see, back in the 90 when Italian, espresso-based café culture really started to take off, filter coffee fell out of favour. Everyone wanted fancy espressos instead of filter coffees and it seemed to pick up an unfair reputation for not being fresh enough… just a pot of stale and unloved joe. The arrival of uber sexy espresso machines seemed super sophisticated, churning out lovely lattes and chic cappuccinos.

Fast-forward to today however and brew-geeks the world over are getting stuck into filter servings of the finest arabica beans and loving the gentler brewing process this creates. With filter coffee you can draw out complex yet subtle flavours from Jones Brothers’ finest single-origin arabicas. In fact, filter with the finest beans, is a gourmet delight that’s pretty hard to match.

So, Jones Brothers Coffee lovers, the next time you’re in need of a brew, ditch the fancy Italian and opt instead for a fine old filter that you know, will never let you down.

Love what we brew!

The bean team





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