It ain’t just for drinking

Coffee culture 26-01-2015

Think of Jones Brothers Coffee as ‘just’ a drink and no more? Think again! In fact, there are lots of ways that coffee can enhance and simplify our lives … other than drinking the stuff of course. Here are a few:

Coffee beans

Freshen up your breath

Out of mints? Nevermind. Just suck on a coffee bean for a while and your mouth will smell clean and fresh again.

Remove odour from your hands

Been chopping garlic or cooking with fish? Rely on coffee beans to get rid of the smell. Just put a few beans in your hand, rub them together and the oil released will absorb the smell.

Fill a beanbag

They’re not called bean bags for nothing … but actually, we’re not sure this one is such a good idea and might turn out to be a bit pricey!!

Coffee grounds

Neutralise odours

Coffee can be used to remove odours from a fridge or freezer. Simply fill a bowl or two with new or used coffee & leave in the fridge or freezer over night.

Sweeping the fire

So we don’t exactly need or use fireplaces in the UAE but when off in cooler climes or enjoying winter magic elsewhere, everyone loves a real fire! To clean / sweep them, just sprinkle some used coffee grounds over the hearth and it will sweep up easier and stop the coal dust from rising up in the room.

Getting green fingered

If growing your own veg, add some coffee to your seeds before sowing. Not only does this make the seeds easier to sow but the smell also repels little pests. Result!

Cat pee

Feel irate when you see the neighbours cat peeing on your lawn? Here’s what to do. Make a mixture of used coffee grounds and orange peel then sprinkle it around your garden. Cats hate the smell so will find elsewhere to use the ladies!

Drain delights

Kitchen drains get smelly. Fact! But to remove the smell, simply get a cup of coffee grounds and tip down the plughole making sure you tip a kettle of boiling water down slowly.

Treat your threads

For a quick fabric fix, soak the garment in strong black coffee. This is apparently a cool and inexpensive way to dye clothes brown in an emergency … but remember it won’t be colour fast!

Stain removal

Coffee grounds can be used to clean any stain resistant surface. It has a mild & gentle abrasive element & smells fresh too.

Plant power

To help plants flourish add a little coffee to your soil. Or, if you save compost from your kitchen waste, add coffee in there.

So you see, coffee isn’t just a fail-safe method to make us feel good, happy and alive every day but it has multiple uses. We like!

Till the next …

Love what we brew!

The Bean Team





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