Capsules de café Nespresso

Nous avons créés des mélanges savoureux et équilibrés à partir des meilleurs cafés 100 % Arabica pour nos capsules de café compatibles Nespresso. Nos cafés sont torréfiés à Amsterdam, lentement, et surtout en petite quantité pour garantir une torréfaction parfaite ! Nos mélanges sont moulus juste avant d’être mis en capsules, pour préserver toutes les saveurs et les arômes d’un café fraichement torréfié. A chaque couleur un voyage dans le monde des saveurs café. Découvrez notre nouvelle gamme de capsules de café compostables : 0% aluminium, 0% plastique et faites 100% à base de déchets de canne à sucre avec des cafés cerrtifiés Biologiques et Fairtrade. Du bon café, sans polluer. Possibilité d'abonnement. Découvrez-les sans attendre.

Choose your coffee plan

Choose the plan that suits you. Determine the mix of flavours yourself. You are the boss: you can always adjust, pause or cancel at any time.


€ 22,95 / 8 weeks
  • For 1 coffee per day
  • 60 capsules every 8 weeks
  • Free delivery
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€ 21,95 / 4 weeks
  • For 2 coffees per day
  • 60 capsules every 4 weeks
  • Free delivery
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€ 20,95 / 3 weeks
  • For 3 coffees per day
  • 60 capsules every 3 weeks
  • Free delivery
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€ 19,95 / 2 weeks
  • For 4 coffees per day
  • 60 capsules every 2 weeks
  • Free delivery
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Our Coffees.


Dark espresso

Dark chocolate • Caramel • Spices

Organic coffee

Dark roasted, super smooth and richly intense dark espresso Nespresso™ Compatible coffee capsules with just a hint of sweet caramel & chocolate.

Strength: 10 / 10



Cacao • Malts • Nuts

Organic coffee

Darker roast and medium bodied Espresso Nespresso™ Compatible coffee capsules with flavours of roasted nuts, subtle malts, light fruits and a rich cocoa finish.

Strength: 8 / 10


Strong Lungo

Milk chocolate • Red fruit • Almond

Organic coffee

Rich, intense and uplifting Lungo Nespresso™ Compatible coffee capsules with a sweet and citrus balanced flavour sensation. A medium bodied longer drink full of surprise.

Strength: 8 / 10

Natural Decaf

Espresso & Lungo

Floral • Berries • Vanilla


Natural decaf Nespresso™ Compatible coffee capsules. Lighter bodied and with subtle sweet moments. This is a mellow berry deliciousness. All the taste…none of the caffeine!

Strength: 6 / 10

More coffee happiness...

Here's a few reasons why our new capsules are better.


Jones Brothers coffee capsules are completely home-compostable and plastic-free. By choosing our capsules, you are actively choosing to do good for the planet.


Every single capsule is completely organic and biodegradable. They come from carbon absorbing plants, require less energy to produce them and at the end of their life they can be composted at home or if they end up in the bin or in landfill, you can be assured their carbon footprint is exceptionally low.

Their impact on our planet is much lighter!


Home-compostable capsules that leave no trace. Plastic and aluminium capsules take hundreds of years to break down. In your home compost, ours will break down quicker than grass cuttings, or can be placed in your food waste bin (where allowed).

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose a coffee plan or order separately.

Go for one of our flexible subscriptions or order separately.

Step 2

Choose your coffee.

Select the number of capsules you'd like of each flavour.

Step 3

And that's it!

From now on, you'll have your coffee delivered through your letterbox on your schedule.

Not sure what to choose?

Let us help you find the right coffee solution for you in just a few easy steps.

Need a larger coffee option?

Try our bulk coffee plan.

Bulk Small

€ 154 / 480 capsules € 0,32 per cup

The smallest of our bulk packages.

Ideal for small business and/or meeting rooms.

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Bulk Medium

€ 288 / 960 capsules € 0,30 per cup

Hoppa! For sharing at home or at work.

960 delicious coffee moments. Perfect for a small hotels and offices.

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Bulk Large

€ 549 / 1920 capsules € 0,28 per cup

You have coffee flowing through your veins.

1920 of the tastiest cups of coffee. For larger or more regular coffee drinking moments, meeting rooms and events.

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Looking for coffee solutions for your business, office, workplace, café or hotel?

We can help you. Check out our Professional services website here and bring some coffee happiness back to your work day!

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