The real people hiding behind our famous coffee beans

Hey there, we’re the Jones Brothers Coffee team – the real people hiding behind our famous coffee beans. Yes, Jones Brothers Coffee is a coffee company, but there is also a lot more. We are first and foremost a coffee family, that is growing and adding new team members. We’re coffee lovers of course, driven by a desire for great quality and creating wonderful coffee moments. We’re also striving for a more sustainable coffee world in our own small way. Jones Brothers Coffee is a human team of varying talents, nationalities and experiences and we’re here to pass on our knowledge, our passion and our enthusiasm for this beautiful drink. Great coffee is nothing without great personal service and we are very dedicated to this ethic. We hope you’ll join us in sharing and growing our coffee community.

Who brings what to the table?


Head Bean – since the beginning

👹 Managing Director, product development guy, communicator
📍 God’s own country – Wales
❤️ I love the possibilities that being in the coffee industry with a group of like-minded people can create. I love what we’ve done and what we are going to do as a team in the future!
☕️ Espresso – always has been, always will be! With our Horny Goat, for the purity and the flavour.


The Whip – since the beginning

📈 Marketing Director
📍 Nantes, France. In Amsterdam since 2011.
❤️ I love how coffee brings joy to the world, how it connects people and communities. Coffee is an exciting category from crop to cup.
☕️ Double espresso with our Nomad House Blend, no sugar, in a yellow cup, sitting in the sun in the front of the office.


Chief Sales Officer

To be continued


Godfather – oct.2014

🛒 Supply Chain Administrator
📍 Hilversum, The Netherlands
❤️ I love this wonderful small company. It’s very alive, with people, systems and procedures.
☕️ Espresso with the Italian Lover bean is a family favorite.


The Chatty Bean – Jun.2019

☎️ Supply Chain & Customer Service
📍 Amsterdam, Nedtherlands
❤️ I feel really comfortable in this sociable and motivated Team. We really do everything to serve the best coffee to our customers. Good service is a Priority!
☕️ Cappuccino with The Jones Blend or filter coffee with Horny Goat in the morning because of its pure and fruity flavour.


Photo Queen – oct.2017

📸 Marketing and Communication Executive
📍 Trento, Italy. In Amsterdam since 2017.
❤️ It’s like a family. A small team helping develop your capacity; and we have a lot of fun.
☕️ Latte Macchiato, with Horny Goat from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or The Jones Blend.


The Tech-Shiva – since the beginning

🖥 IT / Tech
📍 Arnhem, The Netherlands
❤️ It’s a small and young company, great tasting coffee, work with a nice team, all enthusiastic about coffee. ☕️ Espresso with our Ethiopia Sidamo, not too heavy or too sophisticated.


Beancounter – jan.2016

💸 Accountant
📍 Kiwi-land — New-Zealand
❤️ The coffee machine, if there was no coffee machine in the office, I would never turn up.
☕️ For a milk base coffee then the sweet Nomad House Blend, and when going black the Colombia Inga Aponte.


The artist – since the beginning

🖌 Creative consultant and graphic designer
📍 Cardiff, Wales – UK
❤️ I love the passion and dedication the team have for sourcing and delivering the freshest, tastiest coffee from all over the world and now in even more sustainable ways.
☕️ Vanilla Latte, with the Italian Lover.


The Rock Bean – jan.2018

🎸 Brand Ambassador in France
📍 Nantes, France but now in Paris
❤️ It’s values and commitments, beautiful premium coffees at affordable prices, fair trade, eco responsibility.
☕️ Italian Lover for its punch and Honduras Organic for its sweetness.


The lazy man – mar.2017

💭 Translator
📍 Nantes, France, in Amsterdam since 2019
❤️ I really appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere of this company and the fact that I am free to work.
☕️ My favorite coffee is a cappuccino, with the Nomad House Blend

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