Coffee Conversations #1 - Erika Koss

As today is International Coffee Day it seems like a good time to pause to consider a longer history of how and why we are where we are in 2020 and understand where current inequalities in the coffee industry originated.

Coffee conversations 01-10-2020

Most of us in the coffee industry are aware that coffee is now produced by more than 70 countries around the globe but what most of us probably don't know is the history of how coffee arrived in these countries and its link to a colonial past. Ccoffee is not a native crop to most of them, it didn't appear magically. Coffee arrived in those countries through colonial administrators or missionaries.

This video conversation is the first in a series of “Coffee Conversations” that Richard Jones will be having with experts who can provide hopefully some inspiring, insightful and sometimes challenging views of the coffee industry as we know it today.

Our first guest is Erika Koss a researcher, PHD student, Specialty coffee AST trainer, teacher, writer, historian and mum. Erika’s specific interest and focus is on the coffee world and she is currently a Research Associate of the Institute for Development Studies, at the University of Nairobi, in Kenya conducting research on a coffee project on colonialism & gender.

Click here to watch the full interview!

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