How To Brew Clever Dripper Coffee At Home

If you are a passionate coffee drinker, you have probably already heard about the pour-over coffee brewing methods like Chemex, V60 or the immersion-style brewers like French Press. However, we are here to introduce you to the Clever Dripper! Follow our step-by-step guide to get the most out of it.

Home Brewing Guides 17-09-2021

The Clever Dripper is entertaining, easy and combines two styles of brewing coffee: immersion coffee brewing with drip coffee brewing. To keep it short, you will get a cup of delicious coffee similar to the French Press coffee brewing method, but without the sandy sediment.

How does Clever Dripper work?

Before we get to help you out in preparing a great cup of filter coffee with Clever Dripper, let’s first emphasize that an immersion-style brewing method is more like bathing your ground beans, while pour-over style is more like washing the ground beans, which is better at getting the oils out.

How is the Clever Dripper different from a V60 coffee recipe or Chemex or other pour-over brewing methods? Simply, it uses a special locking feature - a barrier that stops the coffee from filtering right away - which allows you to control the steeping (or brewing) time and the filtering of the coffee. Clever, right?

Tip: Be careful with it though because one wrong move, or unthought placement of the Clever Dripper, can result in a hot mess on your kitchen table!


  • Clever Dripper brewing tool
  • Standard #4 filter papers
  • A scale
  • 20g of (medium to fine) coffee grounds
  • Water, preferably filtered
  • A gooseneck water kettle (this is for precision pouring)
  • A timer

Brewing time: 2,30 minutes.

Our Clever Dripper Recipe and Instructions

  1. Open the valve by placing the Clever Dripper on the carafe, and rinse through the paper filter with hot water. Empty the carafe.

  2. Take the Clever Dripper off the carafe and place it on an even surface. We placed it directly on the scale to be able to measure the amount of water we poured in. Put 20g of medium to fine coffee grounds in the filter paper. Give it a shake to level it out.

  1. Pour in 400ml of water at around 94˚C and stir three times, saturating all the grounds. Make sure you’re always pouring the water directly into the coffee, and not down the sides of the filter paper.

  2. Put on the lid, and let it steep for two minutes and 30 seconds (or longer if you want it stronger).

  1. Place your Clever Dripper on a cup, jug or carafe and let the valve open. Allow all the water to pass through the filter.

Tip: If your brew is taking longer than expected, coarsen the grind. If it brews too fast, try a finer grind. Play around - great coffee moments come from practice and precision!

Our coffee beans choice for Clever Dripper

In case you wonder what coffee goes the best with this coffee brewing method, then we’ve got you covered! In combination with a Clever Dripper we love using our Nomad House Blend coffee beans from Colombia and Guatemala - an easy-drinking medium-bodied and balanced coffee with a light floral aroma, sweet citrus undertones and a milk chocolate finish.

We also recommend our Horny Goat Single Origin specialty coffee beans from Ethiopia - a floral aroma, zesty mandarin orange and a lovely strawberry sweetness. A bright, syrup-like body and medium acidity. It’s awesome.

Happy Drinking!

The Bean Team

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