Brewing Happiness since 2013.

Our Famous Dark Roast Blends.

Brew some coffee happiness into your life with this family pack of 100% arabica whole coffee beans for only € 28,47.

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Our Coffee Philosophy.

It’s simple: we want to help improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the coffee industry while delivering you the finest quality coffees.

And at a fair price by which the farmers and growers who toil for our drinking pleasure receive a greater portion of what we pay.

Our vision is built around 3 key ideas:

Happy Farmers.

We source and pay for more of our coffees directly and more transparently so that we know that farmers are getting more than just a fair price; they are getting a living income.

Happy Planet.

We will do everything we can within our own resources to reduce the impact that we have on the planet through the use of less harmful materials and processes.

Happy Drinkers.

In the end, it is you, our coffee drinkers that help us achieve our mission. We will create beautiful coffees for you. Together, we can change the impact we can have.

Coffee Beans

100% Arabica, carefully roasted & blended

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Coffee Capsules

Go green with our new home-compostable capsules

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Coffee Gear

Make your home coffee brewing unique

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Looking for coffee solutions for your business, office, workplace, café or hotel?

We can help you. Check out our Professional services website here and bring some coffee happiness back to your work day!

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Home compostable Capsules for Nespresso® machines.

Looking for a more planet friendly solution for your Nespresso® machines?

Love the convenience but not the impact on the environment?

Don't believe the hype, aluminium is not a good solution!
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Plant based vegan milks, made for coffee!

Plant based vegan milks made specifically for the barista in you. Dryk oat drink and Sproud pea protein milk are made using the finest of ingredients.

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Discover our coffee tasting packs

Family Pack Premium Coffee

Three delicious flavours of 100% Arabica coffee beans.

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Coffee Beans Discovery Pack

Try all our beautiful dark-roast blends for a great trial price. Espresso whole bean coffees.

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The Blend Collection

A bundle of medium & medium- dark roast Specialty coffee.

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Looking for a regular coffee plan for spectacular coffee beans?

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