Looking for coffee for your home?

Coffee beans are simply the best way to buy your coffee. Coffee is also at its freshest just when you grind it. And who doesn’t enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee?

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Specialty Grade Signature Series Coffee Beans 250 grams

At Jones Brothers, we want you to enjoy your coffee the way you like it so so we’ve made sure we have a range of beautiful beans for you to choose from. We always use smooth tasting 100% Arabica beans (as these are the best!) that are either direclty source (for Specialty Grade), Organic Certified or UTZ certified all of which provide sustainable benefits for the farmers, which is something we like – find out what UTZ means for the farmers and for you!

We like coffee beans from all parts of the world – but we especially like beans from Ethiopia and Rwanda, Honduras and Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil. Our wholebean coffees come in two ranges: Specialty Grade Arabica and Premium Grade Arabica. Different single origins and blends, different roasts, different flavours – all really tasty coffees! Perfect for that morning energy boost or an afternoon coffee break at work.

Want more convenience with your favourite drink? We have also developed a range of Nespresso™ compatible capsules. Have a look here.

Premium Grade Coffee Beans

Our Premium Grade espresso coffee beans offer distinctive varieties, strong flavours and a smooth drinking experience.

Specialty Grade Coffee Beans

Our Specialty Grade coffees are grown from 1400m to 2200m above sea level (where micro-climates have an effect on quality), are harvested by hand, carefully washed, then dried in the sun to intensify their natural flavours and roasted in small quantities in Amsterdam to maximise the potential in every bean. They have been chosen for their excellence – minimum defects, maximum depth of flavour.

Our Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo and Colombia Inga Aponte represent all that is great about the uniqueness of these wonderful lands of coffee. All our specialty coffees are roasted to Medium to entice out the deep aromas and fruity flavours of these very distinctive coffees. As espressos they offer a fuller flavoured, bigger body coffee experience; and as a Filter preparation they have a lighter, clean and fresh flavour on the palatte.

Read more about how to get the best out of all our coffees with our Brewing Guide or some handy hints of storing your coffee for longer lasting freshness (and it’s not by putting it in the fridge!)