Welcome to the world of Specialty Grade coffees. These exceptional specialty coffee beans are grown from 1400m to 2200m above sea level along the coffee belt (where micro-climates have an effect on quality). They are harvested by hand (we talk of handpicking) to select only the most ripe fruit. Producers leave the less ripe cherries on the trees to continue maturing before picking.

This delicate and precise work of hand picking is the signature of superior specialty coffees. Then, the coffee cherries are carefully washed to extract the coffee seeds. The coffee beans are then dried in the sun to intensify their natural flavours. Or dried with the fruit on in the natural process. Once dried and put in bags, the green beans travel to Europe. We roast them slowly and in small quantities in Amsterdam to maximise the potential flavour in every bean. These specialty coffee beans have been chosen for their excellence (SCA score), minimum defects but most importantly for the flavour potential in the cup. Be prepared for a taste explosion. Please share your experience. Happy tasting.