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Coffee culture, coffee tips and coffee recipes for true coffee lovers.

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used coffee grounds to recycle

Recycle your used coffee grounds- they can do wonders! Part 1

Every morning a nice cup of coffee wakes you up and gets you ready for the day but while cleaning your coffee machine you might suddenly realize the alarming amount of ground coffee remaining. Did you know that you could reuse them? Here are some ideas for you to consider the magic power of coffee  … Read more


Busting Coffee Myths

There are many facts about coffee that we have been told that make us immediately feel bad for having that extra daily cup with our breakfast. Good news here! Some of these are merely myths, and aren’t true at all! We’ve made a list of some of the most absurd facts that you should stop  … Read more

BOLO DE BOLACHA- coffee-infused sweet goodness

Coffee cake lovers- here’s one for you. We all know Tiramisu, but have you heard of the heavenly “Bolo de Bolacha”? Literally translated as “biscuit cake”, this traditional Portuguese dessert combines the intense flavours of coffee with the light, creaminess of the custard-like filling. This lovely dish is quick and easy to make, and is  … Read more


Meet the King of Coffees

Sumatra Lintong Raja Batak – the King of Coffees bears a long name! The name is worth remembering though, as our latest Limited Edition coffee capsules is Indonesian coffee at its best. Curious to know why the semi-washed and hand-pulped Arabica bean from Sumatra has earned the status of a coffee star? Let us take you  … Read more

How our designer came up with our beautiful new pack design

It’s always an exciting challenge when you are asked to design a piece of ‘limited edition’ packaging, because its aims are to be completely unique, have a premium, high quality feel, to stand out from the crowd, and be exclusive. As the title suggests, it’s only around for limited period of time. It also gives you wonderful creative freedom – a designer’s dream!

How to enjoy your coffee the freshest way

Like most foodstuffs, coffee is at its best when it is fresh. But of course a lot of us don’t know what this really means. We don’t understand the importance of the roast date versus the expiry date on the pack. Or when we get the coffee home, we don’t know the best way to store it. Well here are my Top 6 tips for buying, storing and drinking your coffee when it is at its best.

Unwind from the weekly grind!

Like me, do you look forward to the weekends, to slow down a bit, stop thinking about work and all the niggly things that annoy you, take your time over the things that matter, relax? Does coffee feature in your list of things to enjoy during your weekends? It does for me. It usually involves  … Read more

Skinny or full?

Are you one of those diehard ‘skinny milk’ fans, refusing to take full cream for fear of that old saying: ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?’ Many people, females in particular, are armed with the knowledge that a few lattes a day topped with full fat milk can see the calories  … Read more

Coffee and sleep

Good morning Coffee lovers! Last time we shared the lowdown on the science of happiness with you. Hand in hand with this is the importance of a good nights’ sleep… something we need prior to reaching out for that first cup of Jones Brothers Coffee each morning. But if you spend more time counting sheep  … Read more

The last 2 minutes

It always amazes me how often we get served a terrible coffee. I drink espresso as my drink of choice, so can usually tell pretty quickly when something is not right, but of course a lot of bad coffee is disguised by a bucket full of milk in your cup. I’m amazed principally because I  … Read more

The Pursuit of Quality

True Crop to Cup Greatness – Part 3 The Pursuit of Quality Our humble coffee bean has already come a long way. From being nurtured by mother nature, infused with nutrients from the ground and the sky, harvested by hand when at its ripest, pulped, washed, dried, graded for size and then packed for export,  … Read more

When is the harvesting time for coffee beans?

In May and June we are about to enter into the harvest time for one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of Coffee – Brazil. The months from end of May through to end of September are critical in determining the worldwide price of coffee beans such is the scale of production in Brazil.  … Read more

Part 1 – The Humble Bean

As you warm your hands and your soul from your morning coffee, do you ever think about where that coffee has come from and what it takes to get it to you? I have seen it at first hand and so I am going to take you on that journey from the time of Harvest  … Read more

Coffee and creativity

Find yourself mesmerised by the cool creativity behind latte art? The thing is, latte art needn’t be limited to coffee orders in speciality coffee houses. With a bit of practice at home (actually, a lot of practice at home), there’s no reason why you can’t master the art yourself to ensure your beautiful Jones Brothers  … Read more

Drink coffee and be happy

Bonjour Jones Brothers! Today we’re talking coffee surprisingly and specifically, why you should keep up your consumption. Why? Well amongst many other reasons, it appears that coffee could help prevent depression. A recent Harvard study analysed the caffeine consumption of 200,000 men and women with results showing that 2-4 cups per day had a protective effect.   … Read more

The art of a great espresso

Is there ‘art’ in a great coffee? Or “what makes a great espresso”? You know I get asked a lot to talk about and write about what makes a great coffee. And of course I have thought about it a lot myself in the 10 years that I have been involved with coffee. I have  … Read more

If coffee was a colour…

If filter coffee was a colour, it would be the new black! This week we’re loving the fact that filter coffee is coming back into fashion, in a BIG way. It’s been all the rage recently in lots of coffee-loving pockets in the world and no wonder as it’s jam-packed with flavour, is super smooth  … Read more


The business of coffee

This week we’re sharing the latest global coffee production estimates… an annual region-by-region breakdown. Why? Because it’s interesting and we all like some stats and facts now and again. Without further ado: The US Department of Agriculture predicts a 1.5 million total drop of coffee production in 2014/2015, down to 147.8 million bags. This is  … Read more

Make your memory magical

We all live non-stop lifestyles and without a great memory we’d never manage to multi-task at work, manage the home, remember to collect the kids, plot and plan, dream and scheme. But just like any other muscle, the brain needs physical and mental exercise together with particular nutrients to remain a powerful force. Below are  … Read more

It ain’t just for drinking

Think of Jones Brothers Coffee as ‘just’ a drink and no more? Think again! In fact, there are lots of ways that coffee can enhance and simplify our lives … other than drinking the stuff of course. Here are a few: Coffee beans Freshen up your breath Out of mints? Nevermind. Just suck on a coffee  … Read more